The Starting 5 With Special Guest Jerome Williams

If you start a conversation about some of the most loved Raptors of all time, the name Jerome Williams will no doubt enter the conversation. The Raptors have been taking the time to look back on the 15 years of history of this franchise, so today in the Starting 5 we do a little of that with former Raptor and undisputed leader of the Dawg Pound. Junk Yard Dog aka Jerome Williams. He was a force both on and off the court in his time in Toronto. His work in the community was just so large you could not even hope to mention it all. From the very start Jerome has been a hit with Toronto Raptor fans. I caught up with him today at the office of his Charity The JYD Project in Nevada. We talked about a variety of things from the legendary story of how he first arrived in Toronto to even his take on the current Raptors today. Jerome even sees a little JYD in one of the current members on the roster. He talks about his former team and the fact the Alvin Williams is now coaching with the Raptors. All that and a lot more with not just a Raptor Legend but an all around good person in today's starting 5.

That game that Jerome mentioned is on March 5th.... as FINALLY THE DAWG POUND COMES BACK TO TORONTO!!! If you don't remember in his time here Jerome was also a big wrestling fan and once was a guest referee in a WWE match at the ACC. Jerome is still doing good things, and as I said in the interview at the end sports needs more stand up folks like the JYD. It was a great thrill for me to talk with one of my personal all time favourites, and I hope you all enjoyed it listening to it, as much as I had doing it for you all. So remember, on March the 5th if you are heading to the ACC , get ready to Bark up a storm as Jerome put it, as 2 of his former teams do battle with the Knicks and the Raptors going at it in what could be an important game in the Atlantic Division.

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