Demar DeRozan Will Make History In February

It was just announced on TNT that Demar DeRozan will be taking on Eric Gordon of the L.A Clippers in an NBA first....a dunk off at halftime of the Rookie/Softmore game on NBA ALL STAR WEEKEND in Dallas. I recently chatted with Demar about the whole idea of being in the dunk contest in case anyone missed it here is a link to that- Double D back in DNB.

I have got to talk to Demar a few times through out the season and have got to watch him up in Ottawa at training camp. The kid can get up in the air and you have already seen some great stuff from him this season. The interesting thing is both Gordon and DeRozan are likely going to be playing in the game in which this contest will go down at halftime. Heir Canada will fly in Dallas and it should be fun to watch.

Likely have some more thoughts on this tomorrow but Demar DeRozan has a chance to be the first Raptor to be in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest since that guy named Carter. We all remember how that turned out. However he never did it in front of 90,000 people .Actually so was Jamario Moon how soon I forget (Thanks to a reader for reminding me). Demar ironically in his blog today on Raptors.com DeRozan talked about loving football and any team but the Dallas Cowboys. He will get his chance to enter the Dunk Contest in Cowboy Stadium in Arlington,Texas.

Not crazy about him hating on Chris Bosh and my Cowboys. But I think it is safe to say I will be, and Chris Bosh as well, cheering for Demar to bring the house down at the home of America's Team. Congratulations to Demar and best of luck. He is going against a Clipper so hopefully the Clipper Curse includes dunk contests.

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  1. Jamario moon was in the dunk contest.