Raps and Celtics @ The Score

I am going to be working for the Score today covering the Raptors and Celtics. Can the Raptors winners of 8 of the last 9 games get a win at the ACC over the hated Celtics? A little revenge on Paul Pierce? what will happen and how will it all go down? Let's all find out together as it happens on The Score.com and Score Mobile. The Blog is scheduled to start at 1pm but I always tend to get things rolling a little early for the Raptors games. So come join the party at The Score.

Raptors vs Celtics Liveblog

As a result there will be no Raptors Rewind. There also may not be a blog tomorrow as I am having some dental work done and I may not be able to write anything or want to for that matter. Here is hoping will be talking about a team that has won 9 out 10 the next time I talk to you.

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