Raptors Were Ballin In NYC

The Raptors started this game looking much more like the team that was ripped apart by Atlanta and Orlando early in the season. The first quarter of this basketball game was truly one of the more brutal of recent times. That makes back to back bad starts for the Toronto Raptors. On a day that Chris Bosh was named to the All-Star game and David Lee was not, it was Lee looking like the All-Star early and at the expense of Bosh on the defensive end. The Raptors in this rise to respectability had improved on one major issue from early in the season. That would be guarding the 3 point line. But in this game early on the Knicks were having shooting practice at the expense of a lack luster Raptors defense It was the New York with a 2 touchdown lead over the Raptors after one with score 34-20.

However the Raptors would begin the comeback trail after falling behind by as many as 16 points. Two of the guys leading the charge back were a surprise indeed. Antonie Wright hit a few key 3 pointers. He was only 34.3% from behind the arc on the season. Maybe that was even after last night so it might be even lower. Whatever the case Wright was a perfect 3 for 3 from behind the are and all of his shots were big ones when the Raptors needed them. The other guy part of the comeback charge owes it all to ball. Hedo Turkoglu bizarre post game interview aside in the game was the best he has been as a Raptor. When Halftime came around the Raptors were back in the basketball game trailing by 4 points.

It was a tight 3rd quarter in terms of the score line but D for most of the night was only a rumour at MSG. Raptors would out offense the Knicks to take the 3rd quarter 30-28 and head to the 4th down just 2. Bosh would also be part of the comeback party as well. Though he would have his struggles on D and hanging on to the BALL with 6 turnovers. Bosh would end up the games high scorer (For The Raptors) and get a key rebound down the stretch to help secure the win. Along with Bosh you had Jarrett Jack yet again be part of the rally and make the most important play of this win. Jack would draw a charge on Al Harrington and that would seal a 106-104 victory and the the Raptors would hop on a plane and get the heck out of NYC feeling likely lucky to get a win.

But not before Jack Armstrong would interview Hedo Turkoglu a very relevant question to Hedo's great performance in which he 26 points, 11 rebounds a couple steals and a block. His response to Jack...BALL. Yes that is it ball. So why did Hedo play better finally.....Ball. It was one of the oddest post game interviews I have evey seen and Jack Armstrong is a pro for doing his best to pull it out of the fire. But it takes 2 to tango and clear Hedo did not want to dance. Raptors needed that performance though as Andrea Bargnani struggled with just 2 points on the night. Easily one of his worst night's offensively on the year. He did keep fighting on D though and had 3 blocks and a key one late. David Lee ticked not doubt at getting snubbed from the All-Star game was tremendous with 29 points and 18 rebounds. Bosh had 27 and 15 shooting just 10-24 from the field.

Raptors have won 4 in a row and they have come from way back to win them all. In every game of this 4 game win streak that Raptors have trailed by 10 or more at some point. I am sure Jay Triano would like to do with out that. Raptor fans would likely agree with that. However I am seeing a scrappy team the likes I have not seen since Sam Mitchell left. Whatever you thought about Sam he demanded his teams play hard and fight. Well that fight and scrappy nature is back and only likely to improve with a guy like Reggie Evans chomping at the bit to return. Raps move on to back to back encounters with the Pacers.

Raptors 106 Knicks 104


  1. Great game last night, I like how the Raps are winning the close games coming down to the final 2 minutes and with Andrea having an off day. As well I love that Hedo is playing pissed off, maybe we should boo him more. 1592

  2. David Lee looks like a stud, I cannot believe no other team did not sign him last year to a longer contract ie Raps and Blazers. James tell me the truth and don't be a homer, if Bosh does not sign an extension now, do you trade him? When he gets wined and dined in the off season by Mark Cuban, Wade, Knicks, Duncan ext ext Kiss are future good bye. All we would have left would be a sign and trade for a player nobody wants. 1592

  3. This Raps squad is becoming clutch in the 4th quarter! It used to be that in tight games, it was a forgone conclusion that Toronto would somehow find a way to lose. But man, we've really stepped it up and have been the benefit of ref whistles.

    That said, we really need to start our games better. The last three games we've been down a dozen in the opening quarter. As good as Weems was last night being active on D, he seemed lost going the other way, making unsure passes that resulted in turnovers. Luckily Jose Calderon had been adding a spark off the bench and getting the Raps back into the game with his court vision and steady play. The bench has been playing great, with Amir and Antoine being the recipient of good passes. For as awful as Wright has been, he's actually a decent catch-and-shoot player. I expect his three's to go down, moreso than Kapono's pump-fake-and travel. Marco has been better recently, too.

    Bosh and Jack have been steady, and it's good to see Hedo finally pour in the offense!