Double D Is Back In DNB.

Demar DeRozan has already had some eye popping dunks in his young NBA career. There is some buzz on the Internet to have him compete in the Dunk Contest on All Star Weekend in Dallas. Heck there is even a website with that has a lone mission to "Let Demar Dunk". Demar is one of the first people I got a chance to talk with when I went up to camp in Ottawa. I have tried every time since when I have had access to check in with him and see how things are going. I thought I would ask him if he was aware of all this Internet interest in him being part of the dunk contest in Dallas.

Demar DeRozan-" You know it's big. But lately I haven't paid much attention to it. Everybody keeps bringing it up to me. Just the thought about it is exciting. But I really haven't grasped about everybody wanting me to do it. Probably when it gets closer it will hit me more."

One of the guys Demar was playing with in summer League was Brent Petway, who is a college and D-league dunk champion. Brent was a guest in the Dino Nation Blog back in his time with the Idaho Stampede. He talked about being a student of the whole dunk contest. I asked Demar if he was the same way?

Demar DeRozan-" I was more in high school. Ever since college, I haven't paid as much attention to it. It is still exciting to go back and watch old school dunks. Just try and think of new stuff. I think I am not into as much as I was before."

As far as 2010 goes what are Demar's hopes for the coming year? They are pretty simple.

Demar DeRozan-" Just to come out and have a better second half to the season overall. Just try to come out and make this push for the playoffs."

Sonny Weems and Demar DeRozan have become close friends and the joking between the two can be funny. If you follow both of them on Twitter they spend a lot of time together off the floor. The two have talked smack in a friendly way on who actually is the better dunker of the two. So I asked Demar who would win if the two faced off. Demar was more than happy to offer his two cents on the topic.

Demar DeRozan-" I would punish Sonny Weems in a dunk contest. Quote me on that."

Which of course we have. When I asked Sonny for a reply he said the following.

Sonny Weems- " Ask anyone in this locker room they all know I would win"

Anyone except Demar I guess. Did not take a straw poll of Raptors Locker room to solve this. In talking seriously with Sonny he was happy to have the fans support. He has gone from a guy that few knew in a trade in summer to a part of this rotation. He said he feels blessed to have the opportunity he has had and that he can provide for his family. Demar and Sonny along with Amir Johnson have been tagged as the Young Guns and all 3 have made an impact in the 2009 half of the season. Looking to keep it rolling in 2010. Who knows if Demar will get in this Dunk Contest this year but in having had the chance to watch him in practice and games he has the hops that someday make you believe he will be there eventually.

These guys are having fun and loving life but also have learned to work hard and keep their eyes on the prize of helping get this team to the playoffs. They have all carved out fans in the larger group of Raptor fan base. Playing Hard and having fun as you do it seems to be the motto of this group. Demar has got praise from the beginning on how much work he is doing to make himself into the best possible player he can be. Some nights it does not go so well but there are moments and flashes that you see that make you smile when you think of what the future might be. I have always found Demar to be a nice young man and always focused on doing what he can to get better. He in some ways reminds me of a young Chris Bosh. A bit on the shy side but learning more and more and building confidence in front of a mic and on the floor.

All the best to Demar in 2010 on growing into the player he wants to be.

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