Feel My Pain

I must apologize that I have had to take a few days off. I had to have a tooth removed and did not want to drool on my computer as I type. So I did watch the game with the Pacers last night. Well to be honest I listened to most of the first quarter on the radio because the cable was out here at DNB headquarters. Things were going well the Raptors had built up 23 point lead at one point. However that lead would continue to slide till Indiana took the lead. All during this time Jay Triano did not call a single time out. Let's hit the rewind button to the game against Boston. The Celtics had a 10-0 lead and lead the entire way over the Raptors on Sunday. Doc Rivers at any point the Raptors built any kind of momentum he called time out. It was the smart thing to do when you are on the road and have a big lead. I have made reference to my disagreement in how Jay Triano uses and manages his time outs. He seems to be of the Phil Jackson school of letting your team play through problems. Phil Jackson can do that when he has a Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordon or Shaq on the floor. The Raptors will never be confused with the Championship Bulls or Lakers teams. I want to say that Triano lost this game last night. However you really can't know how this team would have reacted to time outs being called at the appropriate time. Thanks to Jay Triano will never know. That being said the fact time outs were needed in the first place that falls on the players. Troy Murphy got made into looking like an all-star with all the open looks from 3 he had and made. Chris Bosh was not doing the greatest job on the inside as well on defense. In fact from halftime on did anyone not named Andrea Bargnani play any kind of defense at all?

So from winning 7 of 8 to losing 2 in a row and back to below .500. The Raptors will have a few days to prepare for the surprising New York Knicks as they will hook up at MSG. I am making my way back to 100%, I will get things rolling up to speed with the Dino Nation Blog. A few folks offered me some kind words and I thank them for that. But I am fine just a bit tired from the whole experience. Jay Triano not calling a time out did not help. When you have pain in your mouth and want to yell at your television that is no a pleasant experience.

Everything will be back to normal for tomorrow as I am rapidly feeling like my normal self again -1 tooth.

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  1. I have to say that Hedo is working out in Toronto like Stephon Marbury did in Phoenix. Colangelo is losing his credability.