Jonesy From NYC- In The Starting 5

Raptors fans are truly lucky to have such hard working folks covering their basketball team. One of the people at the top of that list is the Radio Voice of the Raptors Paul Jones. From calling games on The Fan 590 to his work on Raps T.V, Hosting Hoops on Thursday nights and making appearances on pretty much ever show the Fan does to talk about the Raptors. He even writes for Sportsnet on the web on basketball. I joked with Paul that I have been able to see him more than have him in the blog this season. In getting to cover the Raptors a bit this year Paul has been one of the many folks that has helped me feel comfortable in what can be a pretty intimidating environment. I am going to see Paul again next Wednesday as the Dino Nation Blog will be in the house for the Raptors and the Nets. However before that I was able to catch up with Paul in NYC to talk about the Raptors. We both admitted before we started recording that their is a buzz in the air about these Raptors. Another big win over Miami securing at least a split of the season series and a win over the Lakers. The Raptors have given Toronto sports fans some hope in a city where the Leafs, Argos and Jays have done little of that. We had a lengthy chat covering a lot of topics and it as always was interesting to hear Paul's opinions and try to validate a few of my own. We talk about Demar, Chris, Hedo, Jose, Jarrett, Jay, Reggie and a heck of a lot more.

Paul refers to his article (in the Interview) well there is a link to it so you can read he was referencing. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have someone that I respect mention how hard that I work. It is always nice to know that people see the effort you put in and to have them acknowledge in a public way means a lot. I really enjoy any chances I get to talk with Paul he is a great person and has a great passion and love for the sport of basketball. Like I said off the top Raptor fans are lucky to have so many folks that care so much about what they do and for the fans of this team. Granted I have never worked in other NBA markets but you would be hard pressed to find so many good ones as we do here in Toronto. Also the fact that people in this market are willing to interact with folks in the Blogging community is also something that I would venture to say does not happen in all places. It is a two way street though as I am sure Paul would agree that Raptor fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated fans not just in the NBA but in all of pro sports. Paul and Eric have the call tonight of Raptors and Knicks on the Fan 590.


  1. Good interview James!

  2. Thanks Paul and I have been trying to get him back in here for awhile glad folks enjoyed it that makes it worth it and I am sure Paul would feel the same.