Raptors Rewind V-Log Edition

Yes this is way after the fact but this was and is the debut of the Dino Nation Blog in video form. So it took awhile to figure some things out. Like who knew videos could only be 10 minutes on YouTube. Likely half the free world but not me. Anyway hope you enjoy this first venture into video for the DNB. If I can be half as funny as J.B Superstar and Joey G will be doing good. You can watch some classic episodes of those guys as well as the new video content on our YouTube Channel. Be one of the first to subscribe and I will promise to do my best to make it worth while.

So hope you enjoyed that keeping it mind it was a first effort and all. There will be more stuff to come as I really am really enjoying messing around with video again it has been quite a while since I have. Will be liveblogging today's Lakers vs Raptors game for The Score.

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