"Jiggly Bits" - Danielle de Graauw

Over the course of my journalism career, I’ve learned a few things. One of them being do your research and if you have an opinion be prepared to back it up and own it. When James invited me to join the Dino Nation family, I was flattered since I have never written a blog before. So I took a look at some of the blogs out there and to be quite honest, there’s a whole lot of crap being spewed by people who think they can drop a few names like “My boy Lebron…” and giving advice on how they think Mr. James can up his game or any other player for that matter. This is why I am proud to attach my good name to this particular site because James Borbath is credible, knows what he is doing and is incredibly brilliant - he has to be since he hired me.

I hope through this column you get to know a little about me and a lot about the NBA since that’s what I’ll be focusing on. It takes a lot for me to throw my loyalty behind a club, especially a Toronto-based one considering the success rate of other clubs in the area (Please, do not get me started on the Leafs). This may upset some of you but the Toronto Raptors as a club have not created a situation where a championship can reside - yet. I say “yet” since I have faith in the talent of this team and what it is trying to accomplish. I love how Andrea Bargnani dove in the NBA head first considering the cultural and language barriers he had early on moving from Italy. Now the 24-year old can come off a back injury, driving through the lane for a (wait for it) one-handed reverse dunk in the first quarter of the Laker game this past Sunday. And I’ve been a Laker fan since birth so for me to admit that says a lot. Oh and Turkoglu hitting a pair of free throws with 1.2 seconds left in that same game to give the Raps the win - makes anyone have faith these guys can reward Toronto fans with the NBA Championship trophy that has been eluding them thus far.

So there you have it. I have stated where I am coming from and where my loyalties are so we can move forward. Next week, I will be bringing you hot topics and stories from around the NBA you can sink your teeth into. Not like the first batch of K-D I ever made. I neglected to boil the water first and dumped a few packs in before I realized what I did. I recovered as best I could but my friends dubbed me “jiggly bits” after tasting my cheesey creation. But that was back in high school and I learn from my mistakes. My cannelloni is much better.

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  1. Just want to welcome our Triple D aka Danielle to the Dino Nation Blog. She is just new to this whole world so she is learning the robes. For the people who have read this blog for along time they know how much it hopefully has improved from when I started it.

    Thankful I am confident Danielle will catch on to how this go faster than me. I have asked Danielle to do more NBA topics with a little Raptors mixed in.

    I did because I think that as the blog has grown and my workload has I don't do enough of that myself.

    If you have ideas for what you would like to read about feel free to drop suggestions and I am sure Danielle will take them into account in her work.

    But for now please welcome her and make her feel part of what I have built here. That is what I am doing and I ask you to do the same.