Dino Blogger Goes To Battle

As I made brief mention of in the blog earlier in the week, I am taking part in a contest for Raptors fans being put on by WhotheMan.com. I talked with Peter Lee who is one of the people that is the founders of the website WhotheMan.com. We talk about what the site is and the contest that they are putting on. You can win Tickets to a Raps game, a signed copy of Chris Bosh's DVD "First Ink" as well as some other things. You can do it all based on being a knowledgeable Raptors fan and not having a case of being camera shy. Many of you are familiar with the T.V show Pros vs Joes on Spike T.V. This for lack of a better term is the sports fan equivalent. I am one of 8 pros that they have selected that will battle it out and on the other side of the bracket could be you. 8 fans will battle as well and at the end you will have 1 pro and 1 fan left standing to do battle. The great news is if you are that fan you will have already won the grand prize regardless of the out come in battling the professional. So it could turn out that I could face one of you in the final. I would be very proud if a reader of the Dino Nation Blog was able to win this thing and get to trade verbal jabs with me. So to talk about the website and the contest and a little basketball I chatted with Peter about his website and the contest.

So if you think you have the stuff to Battle me or one of the other "pros" then go on whotheman.com and tell them why. Like I said if this thing ended in a ALL DNB FINAL I would be proud to see that happen. I am going to do my part to try and hold up my end of that. See if you can get in on the fan side and make it happen for you and for the Dino Nation. You will be the one with all the prizes and glory and I will be the guy most happy for you.

Also I am your Host with the Most for Raptors and Heat tonight on The Score.com and Score Mobile's Live Blog of Raptors vs Heat. Scheduled start time is 7pm but I will likely fire it up a little early for you folks. Raps have won 10 of last 11 at home. Should be fun as 5th in the East is up for grabs.

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