Raptor vs Bucks- Take 2

If only sports were like the moves and you could get a redo. The Raptors would surly like to have one after the last game in Milwaukee. For whatever reason the Raptors have traditionally struggled vs The Bucks. The Bucks hold an all time lead in the series 21-35 from Ray Allen as a Buck to Glen "Big Dog" Robinson to modern times with Bogut and Jennings it has always been a struggle. It is not like the Bucks have been a powerhouse team at any point to a large degree. The Raptors would like a win tonight and be done with the Bucks for another year. The Bucks with that win the other night have already won the season series. Raptors have had trouble with Bucks regardless of venue as well with only and 11-1 record overall in their history vs the Bucks.

What will Chris Bosh do for an encore after his career high 44 points? Do you think the Raptors might get him some touches down the stretch of the game. That is part of problem you face as a star power forward or Center in the NBA. You have to depend on others to get you the basketball. Last night Kobe and Lebron did not have to worry about such things. That is the advantage of being a star wing player in this league as opposed to a small big. Still that not excuse what went down in Milwaukee. With Bogut fouled out of the game the Bucks had no one that could seriously guard Chris Bosh and win that match-up. The Raptors should be able to beat the Bucks with the advantage the have on the offensive end in the front court. Getting Bogut to foul out and in foul trouble was a positive move by the Raptors. It should have helped put them into position to win.

Part of the reason it didn't was the play calling down the stretch. However how the Raptors got to that point is another story. The Bucks out hustled the Raptors and did a better job on the hustle stats. The Bucks were aggressive in getting on the glass and did a solid job on the offensive end especially. Good defense without rebounding is like owning the highest tech security system and forgetting to activate it. The result is the house gets robbed blind.

Looking ahead to the Lakers on Sunday who will not exactly be happy about a loss in Cleveland it does not exactly look good for the Raptors chances. I should mention that I will be Live Blogging that one for the folks at The Score. I am looking forward to it. Not sure why given the likely result but I am. So turning attention back to tonight the Raptors need to get a win or they will be likely starring at a 4 game losing streak dead in the eye. The Bobcats are red hot and the Raptors can not afford to allow them to get to far ahead of them. If the Bucks could sweep this back to back and season series that would go along way in getting them back in the hunt in the Eastern Conference Playoff race.

I am otherwise engaged tonight with a live blog of Celtics and Blazers so I will not be getting to see this one live. But I will share my thoughts on it once I a do. Also the post below this one talks about something new I am going to be trying in getting into the whole VLog thing. I see lots of folks doing it and I figure why not give it a shot and see what happens. I have been taking some of my spare time to work on some stuff and figure it all out. So much like the DNB when it started in might be rough around the edges at first but will see. Let's hope not.

Raptors need a win badly and games like that last one are not good for more than just the Raptors record but the moral and desire of Chris Bosh to remain a Raptor. Both not good things.

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