Raptors Rewind- From The Land Of MGD

Miller Genuine Draft is my favourite beer. Chalk that up as another useless dinoblogger fact. It is made in Milwaukee and that is the home of not just my favourite beer but the Bucks. The Bucks were the darlings of the early NBA season and Brandon Jennings was the king of the rookie class. Some reality has set in on both fronts. The Bucks coming off the road and the Raps on the second half of a back to back. Raptors had a good effort vs the Eastern Conference leading Cavs and the face the Bucks twice before facing Kobe and the Lakers on Sunday. Anything less than 2 wins would be a disappointment. This should be the harder of the two to get for the Raptors. Sonny Weems returns to the line-up after missing last night's game vs the Cavs.

1st Quarter

Ah memories of last season with no TSN 2. I never got a picture till the Raptors had a 7-2 lead. From when the T.V came back on it was the Bucks pushing back. Although Bucks were not exactly shooting the lights out. Andrea Bargnani finally gets Raps going again with a long 2. Hedo Turkoglu the goat last night off to a better start 2 of 3 with 5 points as he hits a 3 ball. That is already 2 more points than last night. 14-8 Raptors midway through the first quarter in front of friends and family of the Bucks in Milwaukee. Amir Johnson scores to answer a Bucks bucket. Andrew Bogut the big Aussie was off to a good start he scores and it was 16-12.

Jerry Stackhouse enters the game as he just signed with the Bucks his last job was in Satellite Radio. Bucks were going strong and Brandon Jennings 3-ball made it an 11-2 run and the Bucks lead 19-16. Raptors were not doing a could job guarding Jay Triano's house. Let's see if a time out will change anything? Demar DeRozan's jumper is getting better on a daily basis he hits for 2. Bucks answer with a 3 ball. Chris Bosh the counter punch 2 and it was 22-20 Bucks. Chris Bosh gets fouled makes 2 at the line and ties it. Jose Calderon drives with reckless abandon and scores off the drive. Raptors close the Quarter strong to lead 24-22 after 1.

2nd Quarter

Jerry Stackhouse misses he is a bit rusty I guess. CB4 not so much nails a jumper to extend the Raptors lead. This was looking like a game the Raptors would have to grind out a win. Both teams were not exactly impressing anyone with how they have played early on. Amir Johnson already 2 fouls in the books and a rare 2 for 2 at the line for him. More Amir as Bosh finds a streaking Amir as he SLAMS IT DOWN. Trying to get myself a bit pumped up. Raps were building some distance and had built the lead to 7 points with the score 35-28. CB4 had a strong first half yesterday and again tonight with 16. The key will be to keep it rolling unlike last night.

Carlos Delfino you might remember he was the guy with the good hair. He had 6 points and 5 boards against his former club early on. Calderon was doing a good job and in this new reserve roll has been better than good. He extended the lead to 9 only to have the fellow with the good hair and a pretty good jumper at times hit a 3 ball to cut lead to 6. Bosh continues to be strong and his total climbs to 18. But Bogut would answer and score. Raptors would but the pedal to the metal after that and build a lead to 52-41. Bucks were staying in it with the 3 ball with jacks from Delfino and Bell falling and Raptors lead cut to just 5. CB4 answers the bell on track for a possible monster triple double with 22 points 8 rebounds and 4 dimes. Not trying to jinx it but it would be the first in his career. On the other side of things remember that good start for Hedo for get about it he is now 2 for 7. Raptors take a 56-49 lead into the half. A good but not great first half for the Raptors overall.

3rd Quarter

Bucks start off on a run as Delfino hit a jumper and Bucks chopped the 7 point lead to 2 in the blink of an eye. Bosh the drive the score and the 3rd foul on Bogut. Bosh would make the and 1. Carlos Delfino hit a 3 and he had 17 against his former club. Raps lead again just 2 points. The Bucks would tie it up at 61 and Jay Triano calls a time out as his team had come out of the locker room FLAT!!! Raptors were struggling and Bosh and Calderon were the lone guys that to this point were only Raptors having a good game to this point. The Bucks had their first lead since the first quarter up 66-65.

Chris Bosh gets to the line and he was perfect 10-10 at the line with 27. Bogut a score and a terrible turnover from Jack and that lead to an easy Jennings score. This was going to be a dogfight of the sports variety not the Micheal Vick variety. Raptors tied it at 70 only to watch Carlos Delfino nail a 3 to extend lead to 5. Bosh answers with 2 he had 34 but it was the Bucks on top 77-72. This was like a flashback to games earlier in the season where Bosh was on fire and the team around him was non existent. If a few guys could step up and help CB the Raps should be able to take this one. Raptors would take the lead 78-77 on an Antonie Wright bucket only to have Luke Ridnour score back to back baskets and give the Bucks an 81-78 lead. That is how the 3rd would finish. Bucks a 10 point swing in that quarter and what would the Raps have left in the tank on a second night of a back to back. Bosh who on Prime Time Sports on the fan 590 was called a 1a guy and rarely gets 40 points was on his way to getting 40 and not looking like a 1a player on this night but he was in desperate need of a Robin to his Batman.

4th Quarter.

Hedo Turkoglu scores and would he awaken for the 4th? More help from Jose with the score plus a foul and the game was tied at 84. More Jose to the rescue with a much needed 3 and Raptors leading 87-86. However Jerry Stackhouse would answer with a 3. Bucks were getting a team effort and it was helping them stay on top. The Raptors defense was doing their part as well. Leading 93-89 with 7 and a half to play.

Raps would trail by 6 and Bosh pushing took a charge on another night he likely would not. Raptors were doing one thing right they were 24-24 at the line...Bosh the latest to make his free throw. Antonie Wright ever since my grade of F in the DNB has been playing well. I am not taking credit for it but he makes a big jump shot and cuts the lead to 2. Raptors were still stuck 2 and make it 4 as Bogut was killing the Raps with 25 far above his average. He would then foul Bosh and I think that is his 4th. Nope his 5th and Bosh finally missed one at the line and split a pair. Raptors trail 99-98. A big moment with 4:11 to play and Bucks up 3 as Bogut shoves Jarrett Jack to the floor earning foul # 6 and a front row seat to watch the end of this one. Bosh the score and the foul he has 41 going to the line looking for 42. If he gets it the Bucks lead will be 1 again and he does. Tying his career high of 42 points. Bosh a block on the D but Bucks control and score the lead is back to 3. Hedo a turnover and Raptors were in trouble down 3. Bucks can't capitalize but a terrible jumper from wright and Bucks do cash in this time with a score plus a foul the lead is 6. on three straight possession the Raptors don't get the ball to Bosh and there reward was they were down 8. Finally goes to Bosh but to late as Bosh sets a new career high with 44. Bargnani would hit a 3 with 28 seconds to play cutting lead to 5 but the fate of the Raptors seemed set barring something bizarre. Nothing bizarre would occur and the Bucks down the Raptors 113-107.

All I got to say is your Franchise player has 42 points and he doesn't get the ball on 3 straight trips. That is a failure of epic nature in terms of coaching. After the first time you should be calling a time out saying to get the ball to Chris. After the second time YOU REALLY should be calling a time out and saying GET THE BALL TO CHRIS. the 3rd time you just shake your head. If you were a fan of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air the dopey coach of Will Smith's Prep School had a simple game plan and it was pass the ball to WILL. If he could figure it out why couldn't Jay Triano or the other 4 guys on the floor for the Raptors. A very frustrating loss as the Raptors go below .500 on a night where the Bobcats beat the Heat by a ton. Just saying.

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