The Chicago Screw Job

Just when Canadians finally had put the "Montreal Screw Job" behind them, now they have this. This for non-wrestling fans was the famous Survivor Series match between Bret "The Hitman" Hart and Shawn Michaels. Vince McManon would set up things that Hart would lose in his home country and be disgraced. Recently after over a decade, in fact closer to 2 decades, at Wrestlemania 26 Bret finally got his revenge and defeated the evil Vince McManon. Finally Canada could stop chanting " YOU SCREWED BRET ".

Now we turn our attention to Chicago last night. The Cavs decided to not play Lebron James. Mike Brown in the role of Vince McManon. It Actually turned out to be a pretty exciting contest with no James. When you add in the fact Bosh was taken out by the Cavs. It is pretty clear the that next time the Cavs hit the ACC fans should chant " You Screwed Raptors" at the Cavs and Lebron James.

However Vince McManon in our wrestling example would claim for years after the the incident in Montreal that "Bret screwed Bret". Now in our basketball example I am sorry to inform you that "The Raptors screwed The Raptors".

Let's face facts Raptors put themselves in a position to have to rely on someone else to handle their business. Is all of the events that involve the Cavs regrettable? Absolutely, but for some to just suggest some grand conspiracy is a bit crazy. If anything would you have not done the opposite if you are Cleveland? I mean given Bosh was hurt, would it not have made sense to go out and crush the Bulls and get the injury plagued Raptors in round 1. If someone wants to suggest a more grand conspiracy at the NBA level. The fact this game was on TNT and the star of the league was taking a pass would not have pleased David Stern.

At the end of the day you may not like it, but Cleveland has earned the right to play their roster as they see fit. I am not saying it is great or that they should be applauded. Especially when there is over a week to go prior to the first playoff game. But they have clinched all their goals and have no reason to try or play anyone for the rest of the season. Just like you may not like the loop hole that brings Big Z back to the Cavs, it may not look great, but it is not against the rules and was Cleveland's right to do.

The Raptors have lost the games that have made them dependent on the Cavs in the whole first place. It is up to the Raptors to find a way to win. Given the M.A.S.H unit that the team has become that will not be easy. They take on Atlanta tonight while the Bulls play the Nets. If this follows the script Raptors will lose and Bulls will win. That being said this isn't the WWE it is the NBA. Where Amazing Happens or anything can happen. But the odds are highly in the Bulls favour to be up a game heading into Toronto Sunday. Which would set up the perfect showdown with the Bulls, with the Raptors holding the tie breaker. They only need to end up even with the Bulls at the end of this. Given how the Raptors have performed without Bosh there is not exactly a lot of reason to be hopeful.

If the Raptors have a Miracle in them they need it NOW!!!


  1. Dunno. Barely squeaking into playoffs may have a negative impact. How? In a way that just making playoffs becomes a benchmark of a successful season for years to come.

    I am afraid that this will indeed be the case, and while we may lose Bosh (most likely), the season is not going to be considered complete disaster, as we "qualified" for the playoffs.

    Losing CB4 and not getting into playoffs will hopefully force MLSE to make some major decisions involving Colangelo, and 3 contracts from hell.

    Should be interesting.

  2. I always want to make the effort to make the post season. I just think fans deserve that. However given what has happened to the Raptors even with the "Effort" it may not matter at this point. If there was more EFFORT earlier in the season on some nights you are not in this spot to begin with. Which is what is mean in saying the Raptors Screwed the Raptors.

  3. Absolutely. Raps screwed Raps, that's correct. Golden States, Sacramento and few other winnables are going to haunt us.

    When you look back at the past 70+ games, they took pretty good care of those sub-0.500 teams — but few screw ups proved to be costly.

    0.500 team simply cannot afford to lose those types of the games.

  4. Last night's game between Chicago and Cleveland had nothing to do with why our Raptors might miss the playoffs. Our Raptors might miss the playoffs because they have gone long stretches this season playoff with no heart or effort at all, especially on the defensive end. There have been a few shining lights (Jack, Weems), but most of the team has not shown me they have any pride or character. That's why we might miss the playoffs.

    Ship 'em out, and get some character guys in here. Some guys who actually look like they care.