The First Address Of The Bargnani Era?

I stumbled across this in my travels around the Internet. It amazes me in the world we live in what some folks will say. But Andrea Bargnani in his native tongue had this to say about the Raptors season in Italian which thanks to a free translation program I found is in English. It is a bit rough in terms of grammatical soundness but the point is clear.

(Quote from Bargnani Blog on his Website-translated)-

"Unfortunately the season 'over ... in advance. Several things did not go well after the All Star Game, as you noted. Now it's gone anyway. There you can cry on .... We give to do this summer to return even stronger next season. Now that the season is over ... the days are pretty boring since I went from having a hard day by day program with a thousand things to do at the utter emptiness .... but at least I'm improving a lot the playstation! Now the last things settle down at home here in Toronto, perhaps with a stop at Ikea ... before returning to Italy next week, allowing volcanoes. I wanted to personally thank all those who have followed me ... especially those who stayed awake all night to see me ... I am very pleased and pushes me to improve further, although it already got here. Very nice comments as well when you're awake, we play like shit and rightly pissed there ... super :-) "

The one thing I have always liked about Andrea is even when he is speaking in English, there is a very direct and straight forward honesty in what he says. Never a lot of great detail which may be part of the language difference. However it is always clear how he feels. He also was quoted recently saying that if Bosh leaves he is ready to take on the role of being the guy in Toronto. I don't agree, but if he is or isn't, you can expect some rather straight forward talk.

There is no spinning what he said at all. He said what a lot of Raptors fans felt about this team and it's play down the stretch. The real question I have now is what does he intend to do about it, aside from improve his Playstation 3 skills, which I am pretty sure will not help his defense or rebounding. Here is a link to the website of Bargs if you are a fan of his and want to keep tabs on him.

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  1. the same post is on is website in english too: http://www.bargnani.com/blog_ext.php?id=368

    he always post in both languages