And Winner Is....

Before we get to our final winner of a pair of tickets to the MGD Best Seats In The House. Congrats to Ray Bala who won a pair on Twitter this afternoon. He was the first to answer the question. What Rapper was a Raptor? The answer is Master P AKA Percy Miller. So congrats to Ray.

Also I want to thank MolsonCoors Canada the makers of MGD and Forrest Kenney for working with us on this promotion. I really enjoy any chances we can give back to you our loyal readers. It is also great that such a large company sees the value of what we are doing here in the DNB and other great blogs they have chosen to work with. Two of those being a part of our Score Sports Federation in Hoops Addict and Heels on Hardwood. The goal of this contest was to find people who are truly fans of the blog. I think we accomplished that goal. My only regret is that we could not fit everyone that tried to win tickets in the booth. To everyone that entered in this contest thanks for you entries and good luck to you in any future contests we have here at the DNB.

Please go check out the MGD Page on Facebook for other chances to win stuff and show them support. You want them to do the contest again next year right? So go support them. Since your on Facebook already you can also follow us. Going to start doing more with our Facebook page in the New Year.

All of that said check out what our Winner did

Ok 2 things. We do like The Toronto Star, Doug Smith too. He has been doing this from Day 1 and I respect that. Second, I promise, I will shave for this. When that video was shot I just got off the air in Montreal at 7am on a Saturday Morning.

But honestly,when I first saw this my first thought was we have a winner. It really matched the spirit of what we were looking for. So congratulation to Chi-Hung Ta who I know better as Chi of Steel. This really was a great tribute to the blog and you can tell a lot of time went into it.

So that is it we are done no more tickets to give away. Other then our promotion with The Industry Magazine that I tried to do today but jumped the gun. This has been a lot of fun and I am doing my best to make this a great event for our winners. I try to go that extra mile in everything we do with the DNB attached to it. So I hope we can do all of you that have won proud with an excellent night out.


  1. Thanks, James! I read thestar.com and Doug Smith daily, so it certainly wasn't meant as a knock to him or his work. Just needed something to rhyme with Demar. ;) Looking forward to meeting you and the other contest winners!

  2. I will tell you a fun story about that. Chi. I figured that was reason but on the off chance Doug heard about it wanted to make that clear. Anyway it is a funny story and I will tell it to you on December 10th. Sent you an E-mail with all the details. Congrats again