A Christmas Visit From Matt Devlin

Matt Devlin joins us just a few days before Christmas to talk a bunch of things. We start of talking Christmas Shopping and then talk about the Jack Armstrong and Eric Smith CD from Brooklyn to Toronto. Which you can purchase tonight if you track down Eric at the game for just 5 dollars which goes to The Team Up Foundation. You can also get it online if you are not in the Toronto area go to Eric's Blog "The Rap" for details on how you do that. Even get into he and Jack and their Bon Jovi singing that has been a big hit at the ACC this year. But we do get down to basketball as well, with thoughts on tonight's game vs the Pistons. As well as some thoughts on the Young Onez, Andrea Bragnani, Ed Davis and others. Even a little talk about players playing internationally and if that becomes another issue to solve in the CBA. It is a good talk with Matt and hope you enjoy. In getting to more games this year get a chance to get to see Matt more often but have to remind myself to get him and all other regular guests in here more for you folks.

It is always nice to catch up with Matt and as I said at the end of the interview all the best to him and his family. All the best to all of our regular guests and their families in this holiday season. We will have one or maybe two Christmas surprises for you tomorrow so please when you have a couple minutes in this busy time of the year come check those out. One more game to re-cap as well tonight vs the Pistons.

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