J.B Goes 1 on 1 with J Bay

This was my first visit to the ACC post trade. It is kind of odd entering the Raptor Locker room after changes. I don't think I have gotten use to Barbosa where Bosh once was. It is equally as odd to no longer see Jack where it once hung. But it is not to say that I dislike the changes, just that it is different. What is also different is to see someone come to Toronto and say it is a great opportunity and a place they want to be and believe them. Those things are true of Jerryd Bayless. After I introduced myself this J.B and that J.B got down to business. Audio is a little suspect so will do this one in written format.

First thing I asked is if Jerryd had settled in now that dust has settled on the trade.

Bayless " Yeah it's going great. Just being here with this young team and grow with them is something that I am really looking forward to doing. We are playing well right now, so we just got to keep on doing that. "

Bayless is a fellow blogger as he does his own blog. I asked what got him into doing that?

Bayless- " I've always done that. I never really published it before. But in high school, writing/English was always my favourite subject. It is something that I have always liked to do. Since being in the NBA it something that I have just being trying to take and go to another level with it"

If you haven't noticed the point guards in the NBA have gotten a lot faster. Wall, Rondo, Evans and some other names you could throw in. So based on that I asked has speed almost become required to play the position and defend it?

Bayless " No I don't think so. There are some guys that out smart you still. I don't think it is a requirement that you have to be fast, but like you say a lot of guys are, and it is just the way it works."

One of those guys that we didn't have on our list was who the Raptors faced Friday in Westbrook. I asked Jerryd for his thoughts on him prior to the game Friday.

Bayless " Great player. I think he can do a lot of things with the ball. He is very aggressive and we have to do our best to contain him and hopeful we will "

They did in fact do a pretty good job at that as it turned out. From day one it seemed that Bayless was excited to be here and embraced this challenge and opportunity. Is this in fact the case?

Bayless " Very true. I love the city, I have friends here and it's just a great situation. I love being here and I want to be here for a long time hopefully."

We mentioned earlier his blog and I became aware of it based on some buzz on Twitter about it. If you haven't read it check it out. I asked if he was aware of the positive reaction it got?

Bayless " I haven't really heard any of the feedback, but hopefully it got good feedback and I will just keep on writing."

The feedback on his blog and just about everything else has been positive from Raptor fans. There is a lot to like about this young man and having the chance to meet him only confirmed that for me. He is getting all his multi media/social media game together as well. You can follow him on Twitter @JBay_5 if you don't already. He has started a facebook page where he promises to give away tickets, and autographed stuff. Also a new website on the way too.

Hopefully this is only the first of many times we get to talk with Jerryd, he seems like a great young man off the floor, and on it he has been pretty impressive since his arrival.

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