Starting 5- With Forest Kenney From MGD

We just wrapped up our MGD Best Seats Contest, and are looking forward to hosting our contest winners on December 10th 2010, with the Raptors taking on the Nuggets next Friday. While people have been thankful to us for the chance to win these tickets. In reality it was Forest Kenney that approached us to work with MGD. Not just here, but they have reached out to other blogs to run similar promotions. Those include Heels on Hardwood and Hoops Addict part of our Sports Federation at The Score. We talk about what our winners are going to experience. We also talk about why they as company have chosen to work with blogs and bloggers in these promotions. All of that and a few promotional items along with some good old fashion basketball talk.

I just want thank Forest for approaching us and allowing you the readers of the Dino Nation Blog this great opportunity. We have enjoyed working with him and people at MolsonCoors Canada the makers of MGD. As mentioned in the interview if you have Facebook go check them out on their page. I look forward to next Friday and getting to enjoy a night out with all our lucky winners.

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