Two J.B's and Microphone.

James Borbath and Jerryd Bayless. The J.B show in the DNB once again. Jerryd is working on his chemistry with his new team and I am working on mine with him. This was recorded Friday prior to the game with Nets. At the time we were not sure if Jose Calderon would be back. But Jerryd did have 4 starts under his belt. We talked about that. We also talked about him coming out with some very strong and direct comments he made post game after an ugly loss to the Bulls. It often is said that is tough for players to focus in at this time of year with the holidays and all. But that is not a problem for Jerryd according to him. What has been a problem since we spoke, he has been feeling under the weather. I thankfully am in good health, so he did not catch this from me. He also is having to get use to being back in his regular role backing up Jose. So here is our brief little chat.

Bayless has made fans in a hurry with that attitude of wanting to work hard and grow with this team. For those of you that believe in the whole concept of tanking and trying to get a better pick come draft time, it is guys like this that make that concept silly. Everyone wants to win and if guys don't have that attitude do you really want them on your team? Jerryd Bayless by speaking out after that Bulls game likely added to his growing fan base. You want guys that hate to lose. When a team or players become accepting of losing you have a serious problem. It seems pretty clear Bayless will never be one of those guys. It also seems clear that by speaking up, he is comfortable here, and with time might be able to grow into a leader for this young group.

He was also one of a bunch of guys that took part in my little Christmas feature I am doing. The question he answered and all the other players in this answered was this:

What was the best basketball related gift you got as a kid for Christmas?

I am not just asking players though. I am asking some of my fellow bloggers and all of you that read and listen to the DNB to share your answers as well. So leave a comment or tweet it to me @Dinonationblog. Going to try and get as many as I can into the feature which will be done Thursday this week it is looking like. So share you basketball Christmas memories with me. Only thing I ask is keep it brief and to the point. Really enjoyed talking with Jerryd, the guy he replaced in Jarrett Jack was very good with the media and that is something that is true of Bayless as well.

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