Boozer And Bulls Waiting For Raptors

Carlos Boozer was the Bulls fall back plan in 2010 Free Agency. A broken hand prior to the season was likely not what they had in mind. Carlos is 8 games into his Bulls Career he is below all his career averages with 15.5 points (17.2 career) 8.0 rebounds (10.1 career) FG % 49.5% (54% career) among them . That being said he is coming in off a impressive 22 points and 18 rebounds vs the Pacers. He is now starting to gel a bit with his new team and Derrick Rose and him can make a lethal 1-2 punch. While Boozer's numbers are down, Rose is on the rise with increased points, rebounds and assists this season. He has never had to many issues with the Raptors as well in his short career. If Jose Calderon comes back tonight he may be in for a very long evening. The Raptors had a poor effort and now on a back to back face a better Bulls team that was sitting in Toronto waiting for them. Even with a great effort Raptors are in tough tonight.

The Basics: Chicago 15-8 (5-6 on the road) Toronto 9-16 (3-7 in Last 10)

When Last We Saw Them: The Raptors showed little effort energy and hustle and went down far to easily to the Bobcats last night. Turnovers were again an issue and so was the defence. Andrea Bargnani was MIA for the most part and were not talking Miami. Very few positives in a game that the Raptors should have won. Much like their first encounter with the Bobcats at the ACC.

Key Match Ups: If it is Calderon or Bayless it really doesn't matter because Rose is a handful for anyone. How the Raptors handle this match-up will ultimately decide their fate in this one. If they over help on Rose it could lead to lots of open looks and cause issues. Amir Johnson and Carlos Boozer will be one to watch as well. If Boozer can get Amir in foul trouble it could mean a real education for Ed Davis in this one. Noah and Bargnani will be an interesting one to watch as well. Can Bargnani bounce back, and get any rebounds going against a beast on the glass in Noah.

Other Things Of Note: Keith Bogans, Kyle Korver and a few others have the skill to drain 3's and perimeter defence has not exactly been a strength for the Raptors recently. The Raptors start a 4 game Pre-Christmas homestand with games against the Nets, Lakers and Pistons after this one tonight. Also Eric Smith and Jack Armstrong are going to be doing a Christmas Album so if you can track down Eric at one of those games the cost is 5 bucks and proceeds are going to charity. I am getting mine Friday. According to Chuck Swirsky (Remember Him??) via Twitter he says Rose is a game time decision and Noah has a banged up hand.

Where is it on: TSN 2 for this one, Always on Radio on Fan 590.

Update 11:20am- Looks like Rose and Noah will play tonight according to The Chicago Tribune

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