A Letter To Santa For Raptor Fans

Dear Santa,

I wanted to write you a letter on behalf of some good boys and girls that cheer for the Raptors. Sure they boo sometimes, they may even call some players not so nice names. They sometimes put their desire for Pizza ahead of the team. But for the most part they are good people. They have been through a lot this year. They got told see ya on Twitter by a guy they loved for 7 years. If nothing else please make sure this guy is on the naughty list:

I also would like to strongly suggest that this guy is on the naughty list as well:

If you can't give him coal at least give him a razor to shave off the silly beard he has grown it is nothing like yours. While we are on the topic of who does not deserve presents make sure not to forget this guy:

He lied about being sick and tried to steal some girl's phone for taking his picture. He is just bad news Santa. Now on to some things we would like for our team. First on our list is 3 guys. They all have been good and really great to the fans. But they need some help with their game Santa. They even changed their name from the Young Gunz to the Young Onez for the kids. Well and because the NBA apparently thinks Gunz are not a politically correct toy anymore or nickname. Just ask the franchise in Washington about that.

If you could tell Amir not to foul as much and Sonny and Demar to take less jumpers that would be great to. Maybe promise them really cool gifts next year if they do. Now on to our friends from other lands, too many to have photos of.

  • Andrea Bargnani- How about a trampoline to help him jumper higher and maybe get a rebound.
  • Jose Calderon- We have been asking you this for long time but anything that makes him faster so he can stay in front of all those quick kids in the NBA
  • Linas Klezia- Really just anything you got that can help this guy out would be great.
  • Solomon Alabi- Playing Time Santa he gets none.
  • Peja - Some thing nice for when he leaves us. After all his contract is going to give us lots of money next year.
  • Leandro Barbosa- A nice DNB Elf told me I forgot him. He is from Brazil and I am pretty sure Steve Nash never gave Canadian Winter justice, so how about a Parka Santa to keep him warm.

Who else is left don't want to forget anyone like last year with Marcus Banks. Oh.... how about Ed Davis. He needs a weight room with lots of weights. He could use a few pounds unlike us Santa. Reggie Evans needs to share some of that milk people leave you to help make the bones in his foot heal faster.

There is also Julian Wright and Joey Dorsey... what do they need. PT that is what they need. They want to play just like all the other kids. Why is Triano being such a Grinch to them? It isn't fair Santa. Oh and I almost forgot one of our newest Raptors. Jerryd Bayless he seems like a nice kid. if you can help him not turnover the ball so much that would be great. We really like him aside from that.

As for Jay Triano and Bryan Colangelo. Well they need help Santa. I admit we are not always the nicest when we talk about these two. So anything you can do to help them make this team better we will take.

While for Raptors fans. We just want some Fu...Frigging Wins Santa!!!... and maybe some patience would help us all too. If you had anything to do with the win in Detroit... thanks for that. Not sure if you can make any of these things happen. But when you are a Raptor fan you have to have a lot of hope and faith. So... I have faith in you Santa to get the job done.

Oh shoot I almost forgot:

That is Candice from our Dance Pak. Kat and her and all the rest of the Dance Pak are good girls. Whatever they ask for... just give it to them Santa they have earned it. So that is about it. Hope all is well, and if you can make the Lakers beat the Heat by 20 on Christmas Day that would be great too. Have a Merry Christmas and all of us Raptors fans will try to be good....well except for February 16th....we can't promise to be good on that day.

Happy Holidays

The Dino Blogger, James Borbath

P.S- Also check out this little guy:

That is Kid Raptor he is the little one. For all the little kids like him that want basketballs and jerseys and stuff... hook them up Santa!!!We need all the basketball fans we can get up here in Canada!!!

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