Bobkittens Sharpen Their Claws On Raptors.

Will the Raptors get off to a better start? The first half in the the last 2 games has been a horrible to say the least. The Bobcats made the playoffs for the first time last year. The road back to the playoffs is not a easy one especially when you starting point guard left for the Knicks and you traded your center to Dallas. Bobcats are a half game behind the Raptors. Bobcats stole one from the Raptors could the Raptors return the favour? It was time to find out.

1st Quarter

Shot blocked and easy score by Gerald Wallace was not exactly the ideal start. DeRozan getting to the line was nice but he missed both. The Bobcats started on a 6-0 run after getting chewed out by Michael Jordan you could expect this kind of effort coming from them. Raptors were not looking good once again on the defensive end of the floor and were in a 12-6 hole early. Taking to many 3's and settling for stuff on offence. Ed Davis getting some early burn in his return to Carolina and he got a block leading to DeRozan basket in transition and Raps were back in it with score 12-10. Raps had a 9-0 run to take their first lead of the evening 13-12. Raps continued to roll though, with a 16-2 run and Weems hit a 3 on the feed from Demar, after that Bayless a pull up J and nails it and Raptors lead was 20-14. Time out did not stop the Raps as Bayless a lovely drop off for the Ed Davis slam. Demar DeRozan was attacking the hoop rebounding his own miss and put it back up and in...Raps were on a 22-2 run. Bobcats made a push back but Andrea Bargnani would nail a 3 at the buzzer to close the quarter and the Raptors lead was 29-20 after 1.

2nd Quarter

Just 2 turnovers in the first quarter a marked improvement from the other night in Detroit for Toronto. Bobcats got off to a good start and cut down the Raptors advantage early. There was not a lot pretty about the second quarter but the Raptors were up 36-29 with Amir Johnson going to the line for 2. He made 1 out of 2 so make the lead 8 for Toronto. Next possession Raptors would get another foul and put the Raptors in the bonus. Add a tech on Stephen Jackson as well. Raptors were in the bonus the rest of the way with 7:21 to play. Bargs only made 1 of 3 at the line. Raptors would extend the lead out to 11 with a Bayless 3-ball making it 41-30 Raptors. A bad turnover for DeRozan led to a score and 1 for Charlotte and they close to 46-39. Weems bucket and followed by an Augustin 3 pointer and the lead down to 6 a time out Toronto up 48-42. Andrea on offensive end and Davis picks up his 3rd. More a concern for Andrea obviously. Raptors good job of not turning over the ball had gone away. Raps were on the ropes but a Barbosa 3 pointer would get the lead back to a converted touchdown 51-44 with under 2 to play. Raps get a key offensive rebound on DeRozan miss and Bayless hooked him up for a redo and sticks it. Raptors did not play a good quarter but still had a 6 point lead 53-47 Raptors

3rd Quarter.

Raptors had a slow start to the 3rd and Bobcats had closed to within 1 on strength of a 7-0 run by the Charlotte. A DeRozan turnover makes it a 9-0 run and Bobcats lead 58-57. Raptors and Bobcats would play a good game of lead ping pong after a late called Triano time out. Raptors led at the next time out 63-62. This was an ugly quarter for the Raptors and Andrea Bargnani's defence was at the top of that ugly list. Raps had fallen behind 68-67 with under 2 minutes to play. On the positive side of the ledger Amir Johnson was leading Raptors in minutes which means he is not in foul trouble. Demar DeRozan woke up the 3rd with a dunk that was just flat out sick. Raptors built a 3 point lead 72-69 with under a minute to go. But the Raps would let the slide and it was 72-72 after 3. A game not that different from the first one between these two in terms of the scoreline being close.

4th Quarter.

A Barbosa 3 pointer answered a Bobcats score to start the quarter. Back to back blocks on Barbosa and Davis allows the Bobcats to keep a one point advantage. Bargs turnover and that leads to Livingston bucket in the paint and Bobcats after a Jackson basket led 81-78 and a good time out from Jay this time. This was an ugly game and at points I have wondered if either team wanted to win this one tied at 83 with 4:30ish to play in this one. Bargs after sitting most of the 4th finally was back in after getting a time out for stinking from Triano. Bargs ties it up at 87 but Gerald Wallace had the answer to make it 89-87. DeRozan answered that and Raps tied it again at 89 and finally both teams looked like they wanted to win. Tyrus Thomas freshly returned to Bobcat line-up hits the jumper. Raps missed on their possession and Bobcats do not and had a 93-89 lead with 44 seconds left. Bargnani gets an offensive rebound a rare event only to throw the ball away. This game was a wrap and that summed up the Raptors and Bargnani's night very nicely in one sequence. Raptors lose 97-91 in North Carolina.

The Raptors only took away all of the good from their lucky come from behind win and took away nothing from the fact they were down 25 in that game. Overall effort was poor and the Raptors in the end got what they deserved based on their overall effort in this one. This makes 2 games vs the Bobcats that the Raptors should have had W's and end up with L's. When is that Jack Armstrong Christmas Album coming out I need something to lift my spirits.

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