No Second Miracle For The Raptors

Ok straight to the who is in and out for the Raps. Bayless is out with food posioning and Weems still out with the bad back. Amir has some back issues as well but will go. Bargnani a knee and an ankle but will go and Jose will remain in with the sore foot that caused him to miss 4 games. All that out of the way it is time to but a wrap on the Pre-Christmas schedule.

The game starts with a bang as Jose hooks up Demar DeRozan on the the massive Alley Opp! Rodney Stuckey was back in Detroit line-up and he gets a steal and scores and it was even at 4 early on. Raptors were not great but good enough to be up 15-12 and Pistons have lost 8 straight on the road. Back to back Raptor scores from Ed Davis nice to see the rookie getting on the board as he got donutted against the Lakers. Demar DeRozan off a steal lead the break and made a nice drop of to Kleiza it is Christmas time better to give than receive. Disgruntled Rip Hamilton makes the 3 pointer and give Pistons their first lead 24-23. That would be the score after 1.

T-Mac was hearing it from the fans but hit a corner jumper to tie it at 30. Tracy McGrady was feeding off the boos and was a big part of helping the Pistons build up a 7 point lead. Make that 9 as Stuckey Sticks one. Basically you remember the first time these to teams played? De Ja Vu through 2 quarters and that is not a good thing if you remember.

There would be no miracle come back this time around. T-Mac, Rip Hamilton and friends would keep the party going for the entire second half. The Raptors had a lot of folks leaving the party early. Amir Johnson had to raise the white flag with his bad back. Bargnani had to leave the game early as well. Raptors were dropping like flies and it was just to much to over come. Raptors let this game get away in 2nd being out scored 38-21. In the end Raptors end the the pre Christmas sked with a horrible 115-93 loss.

The positives.....Hmmm. The Raptors dance back looked cute in Christmas outfits. The Raptors also get time of to rest and get healthy which they need with a long list of hurting folks. No game till the 27th Grizzlies. Anyway it is the holidays I am not going to let it bring me down. Some Christmas stuff for you today before we take a mini break for the holidays. Will still be working for The Score over the holidays though. But the Blog will be taking the 24-26 off for the most part.

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