Flat Raps Get Flattened By Knicks

Just going give some thoughts on today's game. If you missed it and want a blow by blow of the game check out the Live Blog I did for The Score. So here are some thoughts about what I saw.

1. There was no secret to the fact the Knicks were going to shoot from 3. They make almost 9 a game as I mentioned in our preview. So the Raptors lack of defence on the perimeter especially early in this game might have been the most disappointing aspect. You don't even need a game plan to know this.

2. Andrea Bargnani coming off a double double was just awful. He had 16 and 7 but based on what the Knicks did, he should have had a big day. For most of the day the Knicks had Wilson Chandler defending him. You should have been posting him up all day and with that as your man you should have been a force of the offensive boards. I would not call 1 board on the offensive glass doing that.

3. Demar and Sonny got crushed in their match-ups as Fields and Chandler were much better on the day. They just didn't have it today on defence. Offence was not great from Demar with 12 and Sonny with just 4 points. Both were just not good today.

4. Defensively the rotations were just awful. Nothing else to say...Awful.

5. Time out usage by Triano was not good. Now granted the way this team played today it likely doesn't matter, but it started early when Knicks got up 13-8 after making an open 3. I would have called a time out right there. Triano didn't and it just got worse and he had to use a time out anyway. There were a few other points where Triano just was slow on the draw.

6. Only 2 guys that played well were Amir Johnson and Jerryd Bayless. Both were very good and it was a shame to see their efforts wasted.

7. Kleiza just isn't as good as people thought he was. I heard a Hedo comparison in our live blog. That wasn't fair but if people even in jest are making that comment you aren't getting it done.

8. Ed Davis has been a pleasant surprise so far...nothing flashy but 6 points and 8 rebounds. I will take it. Like to see a block or two but my expectations are very low given all the time he has missed.

9. Pizza....WHO CARES....If you go to a basketball game to get a free slice of Pizza....STAY HOME. Raptors honestly need to CHANGE THIS PROMOTION and DON'T wait till Next Year!!!

10. Amare has made me a believer. I expected him to be a big flop in NYC. Really showing he can handle the spotlight. Some guys fail when they leave Steve Nash behind...others don't and Amare has been big in helping turn the Knicks around. They WILL BE a playoff team.

Final Score was 116-99 win for the Knicks, and it was not as good an effort as we saw on opening night, that is not progression that is regression. People getting hopefully of the Raptors being a playoff team may need to think again. It is part of the process with a young team. Consistency is a talent. I forget who said it, think it was Bill Russell, but whoever did say it was on the money. Raptors have not got to the point where they are that. It is a long road to establishing yourself and Raptors are still very early in that journey.

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