Some Thoughts On Raps And Lakers

I must apologize off the top. Did not get a preview of this game done. Someone called a wrong number early on Sunday morning, and next thing I know had went back to sleep, and it was almost time to work. I was unable to watch this one as I was doing a NFL game for The Score. It was a pretty amazing game with Eagles comeback win over the Giants. But it is Monday and a new week so time to turn the page and move on. First thing to do is get caught up on the Raptors. After that got to get a few interviews done that I owe you folk. Jerryd Bayless and former Raptor Kris Humphries. So going sit back and take in what you all likely saw yesterday. Offer some thoughts on what all went down with the Lakers and Raptors.

1st Quarter Thoughts

  • With No Bargnani interested to see how things go for Pau Gasol against Ed Davis.
  • Raps were hanging around early Klezia getting another start with no Weems.
  • An early 7 for Kleiza and yet another injury has cost a player is starting spot? Think so, sorry Sonny.
  • Kobe Bryant is good....but I bet you knew that already...LOL
  • Demar got schooled by one his idols Kobe was there then he wasn't
  • Raps for whatever reason sometimes play Lakers tough...this looked like one of those.
  • Kobe is making a highlight reel in just the first quarter.
  • Julian Wright getting some minutes with no Weems nice to see. Joey Dorsey to with no Bargs
  • Matt Barnes was a Raptor on Twitter but a Laker in life...he checked in.
  • Tied at 24....Feeling sorry I missed this one live looks like good game so far.
  • Amir Johnson with a serious throw down. Bayless the dime drop.
  • Amir is off to a fantastic start. Raps are too 8-0 run and Raps lead 32-24...WOW.
  • Raps up 6 with No Bargs, Weems or Evans? Pretty good.

2nd Quarter thoughts

  • I was doing NFL like I mentioned, It is a copycat league they say. NBA not so much why to more teams not run the Triangle Offence?
  • Jack reflecting on Vince Carter joining team #4. Reminds me of the Kobe comment that had Vince and Tracy stayed he felt they would be battling Raptors for years coming out of East :(
  • Lakers were off to a good start to the 2nd. No doubt Phil was not happy after 1.
  • Former team mates in Portland in Blake and Bayless....think so.
  • A early Solomon Alabi sighting? You don't play him vs Bulls and you do here? Happy for him though. His first significant minutes of NBA career.
  • Bayhawks 4 and 5 out on floor with Davis out there too.
  • Ok Luke Walton is scoring that just can't happen...COME ON NOW...Lead history tied at 37.
  • Gasol with Alabi on him...This won't go well and it didn't.
  • Demar DeRozan getting to the line and he GETS UP for playing the Lakers.
  • Mid second and 0 fouls for Amir and he has 12 points if this could happen more often it would be great.
  • Lakers were picking Raps a part on D.
  • Kleiza another 3...don't watch Sonny.
  • Raps O on fire and D on Ice...as a type DeRozan got a steal..still chilly D.
  • QUEENSBRIDGE....Just cause I saw Artest on the floor.
  • Lakers took control in that 2nd Quarter but Raps had a lot of fight and effort. Need this against teams you can hang with.

3rd Quarter Thoughts

  • The education of Demar DeRozan continues as Kobe is teaching him some serious lessons.
  • Takes it right back on O at Kobe and Gasol...Hoop and Harm.
  • Ed Davis missed a lay up......Oh youth!!! Frustrating. Missed another chippy!!! UGH!!!
  • Kobe gets hacked by Davis and still scores....Lakers up 14
  • Ugly miss from 3 for Kleiza but shot clock was running down.
  • Lakers were outscoring Toronto 40-18 since the first....YIKES!!!
  • DeRozan getting to the line another hoop and harm. When Demar is good he gets to the line.
  • Nice move by Amir for a score but to much Kobe to much Gasol Raps were still down 2 touchdowns.
  • Demar should study this game tape for two reason. What he SHOULD do on Offence and what he Shouldn't do on Defence...He has 13 points in the 3rd and 17 overall.
  • Nice passing play DeRozan to Dorsey behind the back to Kleiza for the easy 2.
  • Raps are on a run an are now down just 1 TD.
  • Joey Dorsey showing a little something something. but missed two free throws.
  • Reason Raps are doing better on offence...Ball Movement...Excellent!!!
  • Amir leaves with a bad back....2 young onez on the shelf with bad backs if your counting.
  • Barbosa a buzzer beater and Raps were hanging around or hanging on for dear life.
  • Derozan ends up with 19 in QTR that is why you don't give up on this kid. When he gets it and HE WILL....WOW

4th Quarter Thoughts

  • Barbosa missed a 3 that would have been big cutting lead to 6.
  • Matt Barnes shows how you foul some one....What might have been...Oh Well.
  • Raps have but up a good fight but signs are there the tank might be close to E.
  • Laker Bench getting it done lead by Bynum and Brown with 14 each.
  • Jose has 11 and 9 perhaps Bayless motivated him when he was out...Just saying.
  • Julian Wright gives Jose Dime 10 with a Transition Dunk.
  • Kleiza a 3 and forget what I said about gas tank Raps were within 6.
  • Tough miss Raps could have got even closer. Bynum makes them pay on the other end.
  • Blake 3 and crisis averted for L.A.
  • Kleiza has strung together to solid efforts as a starter.
  • Forget to mention Amir is back from the back trouble.
  • More of what might have been with a Barnes 3.
  • Raps creep back to within 7 but I know how it ends and not much time left.

Final Score- Lakers 120 Raptors 110

Final Thoughts....Effort Good...Defence Bad...Offence Really Good considering lack of Weems and Bargnani.

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