Last Game of 2010

The Raptors will close out 2010 in Houston taking on the Rockets. Where injuries are the story yet again. Yao Ming in gone for the season and there is talk the Rockets might be shopping his expiring contract. Aaron Brooks also missed a big chunk of the season. Despite all of that the Rockets sit a game below .500 which if they were in the East would make them a playoff team. But in the West that is only good enough to leave you in 10th place. They recently added Terrence Williams as part of that 3 way trade with the Nets and Lakers. Add him to a mix of young players like Kevin Martin, Courtney Lee and a few others. Martin leads the Rockets in scoring and has been a good fit since being acquired by them from the Kings. They also have Louis Scola has become one of the better power forwards in the league. In terms of the Raptors it is a case of who is healthy and the answer is not a lot of people. Add Bayless to the list of walking wounded. He had X-Rays on the injured ankle and they did come back negative. But highly doubtful we would see him tonight. Jose Calderon say out the last game will see if he is able to go. Bargnani is not on the trip. Weems and Johnson both still dealing with bad backs. Raptors are MIBT -Mobile Injured Basketball Team at the present time.

The Basics: Toronto 11-20 (3-8 vs West) Houston 15-16 (Have won 7 of their last 9)

When Last We Saw Them: The Raptors showed a ton of heart and effort to earn a victory over the Dirkless Mavericks. It featured more injures to add to the list and some true guts the likes of which we have not seen in a long time. Speaking of long time it was the first win in Dallas since 1999.

Key Match Ups (Assuming people are healthy): Kyle Lowry will be facing someone that is banged up be it Calderon, Barbosa or by some minor miracle Bayless. He should be able to take advantage of that. Kevin Martin and Demar Derozan should be a interesting match-up. DeRozan will need to stick with Martin and not lose track of him on defence. If he does it could be a long night. Finally Scola vs Amir Johnson will be a good battle. Scola is physical and will make it tough on a banged up Amir Johnson. Ed Davis maybe can help out some coming off the best performance of his young career.

Other Things of Note: Raptors for 2010 are 35- 45 not including tonight's tilt in Houston. Raptors are even worse in Houston than they have been in Dallas with just a 3-12 record all-time in Houston.

Where is it on? Still Sportsnet Uno

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