Great Night for the DNB, Not So Much For Raptors

I was busy being the best host I possibly could be. So I am not going to do a full re-cap of the game. But what was VERY obvious even to me as I was making sure everyone was good time, was that the Raptors could not play defence last night. The offence even without Jose Calderon, who did not make the trip to Detroit, was fine. But the Raptors defence was just not acceptable. In the end we got to seem some history as George Karl got his 1,000th win becoming only the 7th coach to do so in NBA History.

As for our event. I think everyone had a good time and will have some photos from the evening in the coming days. A special thanks to Jack Armstrong who met with some of our winners prior to the game. Jack has been and hopeful always be a good friend of ours here in the Dino Nation Blog. Also the people at Molson's the makers of MGD did a sure did a great job as our hosts. One last reminder to check their facebook page for details on other contests including ones involving the Raptors. Will be touching base with them in the new year and look at some things going forward. But we would love to work with them some more and hopefully we can make that happen for the future.

So while I had a great evening with some loyal DNB Readers the reality has sunk in that Raptors are on a 4 game losing streak and have some serious issues on defence. They head to Detroit tonight with no Calderon or Peja, and will take on a Pistons team that they really need to get a win over on the Road. If you look ahead at the schedule there is 3 of the next 4 games that you could class as winnable games for the Raptors. But if they do not improve on defence they are not going to be able to beat anyone. Nice to see Sonny Weems and Linas Klezia having good nights on offence and bouncing back in that regard. But if this team can't get stops they are not going to win many games.

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