Demar and Sonny Back In DNB

It has got to the point that we just can't interview one with out the other. Demar and Sonny did not have a good day vs the Knicks.Both are together now in the Raptors starting line-up and are almost always hanging together. These interviews were conducted pre-game prior the Raptors win over OKC. We ask Demar how things are coming along with hamstring and just in general. Sonny the last time I was down covering a game he was coming off the bench, now in the starting line-up and I asked him if there are any adjustments to that. Also some fun about video games. We check in on how Demar's undefeated but disputed(By Sonny) NBA 2k11 record is doing.

Mr. DeRozan up first

and now Mr. Weems checks in.

Let's hope these two and the Raptors can bounce back again and get things on track in a place that has been hard to win for the Raptors. As I mentioned in our preview the Raptors have not won in Indiana since Feb/2008 and have dropped 4 straight there. Thanks to Sonny and Demar for taking time to talk with me. Always is fun to talk with both of them.

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