Cheese Heads On The Menu

So Raptors are on a winning streak!!! Ok it is one game and I guess that can't really be classed as a streak. But with the Spurs, Blazers, Improving Clippers and Heat next on the sked, a road win in Milwaukee might be badly needed. But it won't be easy as the Bucks have Brandon Jennings back and I am still not sure who on the Raptors can stop Andrew Bogut. The Raps do have Leandro Barbosa back though to help out. Jerryd Bayless however remains out, as is the soon to be returning and soon to be a daddy again Reggie Evans. Will see what we get from the Raptors with the pressure of the losing streak off their shoulders.

Bogut goes right to work with the easy score but Bargnani answers on the other end. Jennings drives and the easy drop off for another Bogut two. Demar DeRozan answers that and so far a ping pong match at 4-4. Raptors started a little push to break away a nice pass by Weems to Bargnani pump fakes for 3 and steps in and drains the 2 to make it 10-7 Raptors. Bucks would flip that around and the Raps were looking a bit sloppy as Jennings would get a gift dunk off a turnover to make it 14-11 Bucks. Raps had missed 7 straight attempts after a hot start on offence, make that 8 as Weems can't hit on the jumper. Raptors would get down 5 and finally DeRozan would hit a jumper to end the drought. But Maggette back on the other end had an answer. Triano called a time out and Barbosa checked in for his first action in awhile. Raptors got tagged for a 5 second call out of time out. Ed Davis was in as well and got a rebound. Bogut some nice D leads to easy Bucks basket in transition and it was 24-17 and that would be the score after 1.

Bargnani hits a bucket to get 2nd going on the right foot, but after a Barbosa steal a missed 3 from Bargs. The a Buck basket and a Bargnani charge that he was not convinced was. Raptors were struggling to find anything positive on the offensive end of the floor. Barbosa looked really rusty will a couple shots that were not really close at all. Julian Wright had it stolen away and the Bucks blew a chance to extend the lead with a travel in transition. Bargnani would hit and as bad as Raps had played only down 6. Make that 4 as Barbosa smartly decided to go to the drive to get on the scoreboard and it was 28-24 Bucks. A Davis block leads to a Calderon bucket in transition and the Raptors had an 8-2 run and were down just 2. Time out for the Bucks as they needed to re-group.

Raptors doubled Bogut and it worked forcing ball out of his hand and an empty possession for them. Jose to Double D and this game was back to even at 32 a piece. But the Bucks would get the next two scores and make it 36-32 in their favour and force Jay Triano to call a time out. Raptors were just not looking good at all yet they were in this game 36-34 with just 2 to play in the half. Bogut abuses Ed Davis for an easy to points and DeRozan would answer as his jumper was on point tonight. A steal and Weems slam in transition and were tied at 38. But Bogut would take it at Bargnani and give Bucks a 40-38 halftime lead. This game was as good old J.R you to say in WWE "Bowling Shoe Ugly" and Raps went bowling so this makes sense.

Two turnovers and 4 points to start the half for the Bucks was I am sure not part of Jay Triano's halftime speech. Bucks came out on a 9-2 run and were kick it butt and Jay Triano called a time out to review his halftime thoughts with his team. DeRozan had an excellent first half yet the Raptors refused to give him the ball misses from Jose,Bargnani and others were better options then the guy shooting 6 of 7? Raptors had dug an 11 point hole down 55-44 and still not one shot for Demar. Jose Calderon was El Stinko at 2-15 and he would take a seat. Raptors would cut the Buck lead to 7, but this had been a brutal quarter for the most part. Raptors got the ball to DeRozan and he would deliver late in the quarter but it might have been to little to late. Not often I disagree with Jack Armstrong, but he said Bargnani was keeping the Raptors in this. I disagree he was keeping the Raptors from winning by not allowing the ball to go to DeRozan who was hot.

Bargnani would get to the line and make a couple he had 21 but was a volume 21 if you get my meaning. But Bargnani was getting it rolling I have to admit another bucket and lead was cut to 6. But a Bucks three pointer would make the lead 9 then add on another 3 and the lead was 11. It becomes a concern when Bargs and DeRozan are both doing well and they can not balance out the touches and scoring. Bragnani can't take shots from the bench though and that is where he would head with his 4th foul. Bucks had built their largest lead of the night with the score 75-62 lead. It would only get worse as the Bucks would build the lead to 20 points and the Raptors fate was pretty much decided with 5:15 to play. Raps shot 36% and lose 92-74 to the Bucks.

DeRozan and Bargnani get 41 of the Raptors 74 and the Raptors overall offence was brutal in this one. The defence was not great but when they can hold a team under 100 points that is respectable for this group. But they failed to take advantage of it. Another 0 for night from 3 point land....0 for 10 and the new streak from 3 is very short. As was the Raptors winning ways ending after just 1 win.

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