Ready For A "Thriller" of a Saturday Night?

I have been mentioning for awhile I have a theory on what we will see from Demar DeRozan tonight in the dunk contest. This theory goes back to last year in where there was a rumour as to what DeRozan might do. It was on TMZ which makes me cringe that I start this theory with a story originating from them. As it turned out they were wrong and it never happened last year. But I think it will this year. I even have some circumstantial evidence. Amir Johnson who will be helping DeRozan out on at least 1 of his dunks (As Demar told us in DNB) had some rather unique kicks in the locker room post game at the last game I covered vs Portland. This got me thinking that maybe I just figured something out. I think that DeRozan is going to do some type of M.J Tribute in the Dunk Contest.

No not this M.J:

This One:

The shoes Amir had looked all shiny and came right out of the Micheal Jackson Video Billy Jean. In fact someone said (Think It was Joey Dorsey) that exact thing in the locker room. It all makes sense in theory. What better place to do a Micheal Jackson Tribute than in L.A. In the same building they held his memorial service. An L.A kid taking on the roll of Micheal Jackson. It all seems to make a ton of sense doesn't it? I talked with Demar about how his preparation was going in the blog and he was very confident. He never told me anything and this is 100% speculation on my part. Last year the rumours were flying that he was going to do this based on that TMZ Story I referenced. But maybe this year all the parts fit better. In L.A in front of a supportive crowd of friends and family, in a town that for most part loves Micheal Jackson, it all makes perfect sense. Will it actually happen? As Demar said to me you'll see on Saturday when I asked for some hints on what he might do. In fact Demar has been tight lipped with everyone about what he has planned. My theory is all those Sprite videos and Chickens on ladders in all just a smoke screen to "The Thriller" of all time for the Dunk Contest. I have waited till the last minute because if I am right I didn't want this to get out to far in advance of the contest itself. A Dunk with a shinny white glove would make for a heck of a visual.

This could all be 100% WRONG....But if it isn't and DeRozan can pull off his dunks it certainly will get the crowd behind him. For some facts and not speculation check out a great story by Eric Koreen on DeRozan getting his swagger for tonight's performance. Which also might play to my theory. Did anyone have more swagger in entertainment or in the world than Micheal Jackson? Not to many that I can think of. If all of this speculation is correct Blake Griffin may not be able to over come all of it to win. But wrong or right I am excited for the dunk contest more than I have been since this happened.

M.J or not. GOOD LUCK DEMAR from the DNB and Canada will be watching and pulling for you and if your not you should be.


  1. Normally I would retweet this, but this is border line 'spoiler' material :-)

    I will lose my mind if they do a Thriller/MJ tribte dunk and it's amazing...CAN'T WAIT!

    Soooooooooooo sick!

  2. RT with (Spoiler Alert) but if it goes down just remember who came up with this...M E...:)