Demar DeRozan All-Star Adventure Begins

Last year the only time we saw Demar DeRozan was in the one and now done dunk in contest at halftime of the Rookie/Sophomore game. DeRozan had been snubbed from the game itself, but this year head return home to L.A and will play in the game on Friday night. This is a game that is set up for a player like DeRozan that can get to the hoop and throw it down. He also might have a small chip on his shoulder after the snub last season. Blake Griffin his main competition in the Dunk Contest the next night will be playing all 3 nights including in the All-Star Game itself. If you were going to make a list of candidates for M.V.P of this game, it likely starts with Griffin but DeRozan is on that list as well.

Now let's face it awards at All-Star Weekend are not going to change that the Raptors have 41 losses. But if DeRozan on this big stage that is All-Star Weekend could walk away with some hardware from this game tonight and/or the dunk contest tomorrow night it is a good thing. Here are a few reasons as to why:

  • First and foremost it is good for his personal confidence and gets him some national exposure which is important. Just ask Chris Bosh. But for DeRozan who is trying to build himself into a franchise player this would be a big shot of confidence in the quest to get there. Also in talking with Demar he is very excited at the fact this is all taking place in his hometown where his family and friends can share in it with him.
  • This may sound a bit off the wall and stupid but it can't hurt the Raptors in terms of getting free agents to come here. DeRozan can build his profile it won't hurt in giving players some reason to come to Toronto. Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part but it sure isn't a negative in terms of recruiting for free agency.
  • In a season that has not offered a lot of positives for the Raptors as a team, this individual honour is a reward for a kid that has improved in major ways this season. The Raptors outlook post All-Star Weekend is bleak, but if DeRozan comes back as a winner it can add to his motivation to improve and work hard down the stretch.
  • Raptor fans are desperate for something, anything to feel good about at this point. I have not been this excited for an All-Star Weekend since Vince was in the Dunk Contest. No offence to Jason Kapono winning the 3 point shoot-out or Chris Bosh appearing in several All-Star games since. Kapono's performance with the Raptors and his over priced contract did not exactly make me thrilled at his victory. While Bosh being a big man in an All-Star Game makes your chances of winning the M.V.P of the game on Sunday slim at best. Dwight Howard has never won M.V.P of the game. I think Shaq won it like once. It doesn't happen very often is the point.
There is also the fact that last year I think DeRozan was robbed in the Dunk Contest, he was the only guy to get a 50, and in a year that was forgettable for the contest as a whole he provided the lone highlight to the event. It is something to cheer for as well. DeRozan is a hard working kid and I have had the chance to talk with him several times over his year and half with the Raptors. I really like him and he is someone that is really easy to root for. So I will be watching tonight and tomorrow with more excitement than I have had for most Raptor games this season. So here is hoping that Demar can represent himself and the Raptors well over the next two days, it may help down the road in the development of DeRozan. I stand behind what I have said at the start of this season. What was that? The most important thing about this season was and is the development of Demar DeRozan. This may just be an exhibition and not mean much. It actually can mean a lot for DeRozan and that means it means a lot for the Raptors.

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