Jack Armstrong Checks Into Starting 5 From Indy

Not snow, ice, wind or freezing rain can keep Jack Armstrong out of the Starting 5. Our interview scheduled for today was suppose to take place with Jack in Atlanta where the Raptors will play tomorrow. But the Raptors got stuck in Indy and are trying to make their way to Atlanta. But through all the delays we were still able to hook up with Jack. That photo is from when Jack met up with our MGD Contest winners earlier in the season. Those were happier times but clearly with the Raptors now losers of a dozen straight these are not. So we have a good conversation with Jack about some of the issues facing the Raptors as well as the few positives we could find. Talk about Andrea Bargnani and his lack of defence, Demar DeRozan and his continued development despite the losing, the warrior like effort of Amir Johnson and a lot more. It is always a pleasure talking with Jack and for the first time we did it on Jack's blackberry phone. Yes it is true our Jack Armstrong is jumping into the 21st century just like I have. Some fun about that at the end of the interview.

These are tough times in Raptorland. But in good times or bad times Jack always makes time for us in the Dino Nation Blog and it is much appreciated. Also because our interviews with Jack always draw us some attention wanted to take advantage of that to promote our (Un) Welcome Back Bosh Event on Feb 16th at St.Louis Wings. Obviously Jack Armstrong won't be there as he will be down the street at the ACC. But if you can't snag tickets come up the street and join us for a party at 595 Bay St. Details on this can be found here in Dino Nation Blog and we also have a facebook event page set up where you can RSVP and invite your friends to come. Jack likes a good party and so do we at the Dino Nation Blog. So come join us and hopefully by that time the Raptors are playing a lot better than they are currently. Once again thanks to Jack for always being a good friend to us at the Dino Nation Blog and he may never get on Twitter, but it will not stop us from having a ton of respect and love for him.

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