Demar Is Confident and Excited For All Star Weekend In L.A

Demar DeRozan has grown a lot this year on the floor. He points to knowing what to expect and confidence as the reasons why. He also takes that confidence with him home to L.A for All-Star Weekend. Before you go handing the Slam Dunk Crown to Blake Griffin, it may not be the a "slam dunk" he wins. While Demar is tight lipped about what to expect he does seem to be confident in how things are going. No clue on if either will be able to give a bit of a preview this Sunday as the Clippers are in town to face the Raptors. But listen to the interview and see if you walk away as I did, feeling that DeRozan seems like a guy that might just have some big things planned this time around. In his own backyard, having been there and done that in competing in the contest last year. If anyone is going to stop Blake Griffin it just might be him. Nate Robinson called this year's dunk contest rigged for Griffin to win. But that was before DeRozan was added to replace ironically his good friend Brandon Jennings. Listen to what Demar says about all of it and how he feels things have changed for him as a player since last year at this time.

Not that I needed Demar to tell me to watch it but now I am even more excited to watch it. In a season that has been rough for the Raptors it may go a long way if DeRozan could take home MVP Honours in the Rookie/Sophomore and or a dunk championship as well. The kid the blazed in the doors saying the Air Canada was back just might be starting laying his own foundation to truly be Heir Canada. For now he is one of the Young Onez and as he had told me before Amir Johnson is expected to be riding shot gun with him for the Dunk Contest. Not sure if Amir's Ankle injury will change that. But one thing is for sure expect a show come a week from today.

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