Come Party With Us At St Louis Wings

A week today Chris Bosh returns to Toronto. The game is expected to be a sellout but don't be left out of all the fun. Come join The Dino Nation Blog and St. Louis Wings for our (Un)Welcome Back Bosh Bash at 595 Bay St (Atrium location). I will be on location live blogging the game and being your host for the evening. At 6pm tonight you can have your chance to be our VIP Guest in which St. Louis Wings is going to pick up your tab (and a guest) for the night. The 4th person to answer the Trivia question I will be posting on Twitter @Dinonationblog will be our winner. There will also be fun and giveaways the night of the event and a great environment to watch the Heat and Raptors. This is probably the biggest game of the season and you don't want to just sit at home and watch it on your couch. They are going to have full sound in the bar and the game on all the screens in the place so you will not miss a minute of the action. Also will likely be filming some stuff for the Dino Nation Blog that night as well. This is likely the closest thing will have to a playoff type environment for the Raptors this season so make sure you come out and have some fun. It is always great for me to get to meet you folks that support the Dino Nation Blog and I am always trying to create fun events like this to do just that. So if you are coming from outside of Toronto here is a map on how to get there. I went down last Friday and the folks at St Louis Wings are just as excited as me to be hosting this event, so make your plans and come be a part of the fun, and bring this along with you as well to get 1/2 pound of wings from free. For more details on the event follow me on Twitter @Dinonationblog or follow our hosts @StLouisWings and you will get the scoop on things. 7 Days until Chris Bosh comes back to Toronto and we are having a party to (Un) Welcome him back.


  1. Very excited to go. I asked my wife out of courtesy and she gave me a dirty look, so will be bringing a buddy with me to the game. Thank you St. Louis Bar and Wings and to James for the contest. I will be proudly wearing my Raptors t-shirt I got at the opening game this year, as this is one game I say screw the lottery balls, I want the Raptors to find a way to win and more importantly, shut Bosh down.

  2. Your more than welcome. Thanks really goes to St Louis Wings for allowing us to run this contest as part of the event.