Two In A Row?

It seems like a long time ago the Raptors got their win to snap their losing streak at 13 games. I was there at the ACC and the sense of relief was evident. Can the Raptors carry that momentum with them to Milwaukee 3 days later? Leandro Barbosa is expected to be back as he travelled with the team. Jerryd Bayless did not. It has been a disappointing year for the Bucks that made some moves in the off-season looking to remain a playoff team in the East. But injuries have been a problem for them as it has for the Raptors. Brandon Jennings injuries were to the benefit of his friend Demar DeRozan who got to replace him in the Dunk Contest. Jennings is back on the floor for the Bucks now though, but since his return the Bucks are just 1-4. If you have never checked out the game notes from the Milwaukee Bucks for a Raptor game you are missing out on some good laughs.

The Basics: Raptors 14-37 (4-13 vs East on Road) Bucks 19-30 (On 4 Game Losing Streak)

When Last We Saw Them: Finally the Raptors got a win. The starting 5 all came to play and Raptors were able to take out the T-Wolves at the ACC. Jose Calderon was dropping dimes, Bargnani was hitting shots, DeMar and Sonny were doing what they do and Amir Johnson was a beast it was a winning formula for the Raptors who showed no Love to the T-Wolves.

Key Match-Ups: Brandon Jennings has yet to have a big game since returning to the Bucks Line-Up. Will Jose Calderon provide the chance for the Jennings to go off. You sure hope not if your cheering for the Raptors. Carlos Delfino and Demar DeRozan will be an important match-up for each side to win. But how the Bucks beat the Raptors in OT in Toronto was Andrew Bogut and Andrea Bargnani's told lack of ability to stop him. Ultimately that is the most important match-up in this game for both teams. Andrea if he can score like he did vs T-Wolves is something the Bucks need to be aware of. While the Raptors can not afford to have Andrea left on his own to try to stop Bogut.

Other Things Of Note: Bucks are not exactly blazing in the first game of back to backs they are just 4-9 and only average 89.9 points in those 13 games. We didn't mention him in the key match-ups but Corey Maggette is averaging 18 points a game for the Bucks in the 5 games since they hooked up with the Raptors. If the Raptors can get a fast start their chances of winning will increase dramatically. The Bucks are 7-21 when they trail after the 1st Quarter. Had a great conversation with Ryan Wolstat from The Toronto Sun if you missed yesterday in the Starting 5. Also we are gearing up for our (Un) Welcome Back Bosh Bash on the 16th at St. Louis Wings. You can be our VIP Guest and invite a friend to join you, we will be having details on Twitter @Dinonationblog on how you can come join our party on our tab.

Where Is It On: TSN (On The Big Network See Winning Has It's Benefits)

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