Like A Bosh- The Re-Mix

Unless you have been living under a rock you have all seen the this classic Basketball Jones Video from earlier this season. But in case you do in fact live under that rock or just want to see the original again here it is:

Like any great song bands will do covers and people will do remixes and that is what we did. Thanks to the skills of Andy AKA (@GameEnt15) on Twitter with very little help from me. The debut of Like a Bosh- the Remix

Make sure you come out to our (Un) Welcome Bosh Bash at St Louis Wings 595 Bay St (The Atrium) location. We are going to have prizes, I will be live blogging for The Score from the party and we are going to have a Ustream set up here on the DNB for a Speakers Corner for folks at the Party to sound off during the game. I have worked my butt of to make sure this is going be worth people coming out for. So if you come I promise you my best effort to make this a fun night. If you have tickets to the game come by Pre Or Post Game will be there. The Prize List is taking shape and let me tell you I am impressed. We already have prizes from folks at Molson's/MGD and even got something from the TBJ guys from The Score and a lot more. This is the event of the Raptor Season and if you can't be at the game this is THE NEXT BEST THING.

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