Happy Bosh Armageddon Day

This is not going be your normal DNB Preview. No one cares about records in this game. No one cares about anything other than this game. I have talked about Chris Bosh and what he did and didn't do pretty much the entire week. But basically this is his judgment day. People who think Bosh will be welcomed back to Toronto might be as delusional about this as Bosh himself.

This is not about the choice he made it is not about the 7 years he spent with this franchise. He did give all he had in his 7 years here. People who question that were honestly not paying attention. But what he also did was find a way to exit Toronto in perhaps a worse way then Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter. There was no social media back in those days. Chris Bosh is widely credited for being one of the first players to embrace the social media era and use it to market himself. It is very ironic that same social media is how he buried himself. Tonight he will understand just how badly he did. Chris Bosh took his 7 year legacy and flushed it down the toilet 1 tweet and 1 interview at a time. If he doesn't believe that or if you don't believe that just watch tonight.

Bryan Colangelo failed in two ways. 1st he did not build a team around Chris Bosh to win in Toronto for the long term. Second he never should have called Bosh's effort into question. Even if he knows it was the truth he should have stayed quiet.

MLSE has failed as well. Bosh made one valid point in the very early days of all this. Bosh said the Raptors never were a tax team in his time here. You can not honestly say that you are committed to winning and spending money if you never went beyond that tax threshold. Also MLSE has failed in terms of television. Chris Bosh made point about Raptors not being on national t.v in the states. But how about here in Canada. The fact this game is on TSN 2 is an utter disgrace. It really is. This is your biggest game of the year and it has been shoved on a B network. Shame on them for allowing this to happen.

For the young Raptors team this is a night that will be very important. This is a big game environment and they need to step up. This is a big night for the futures of Andrea Bargnani and Demar DeRozan. How they perform will go a long way on what we can learn about how they play in big games. For everyone on this roster this will be defining game for how fan perceive them. If they do not go full out or show Bosh any kind of love they will bury themselves with many in this fan base.

For a team that has no playoff chances in any real terms. This is a one game playoff for this team and it is a game that means far more to the fan base than it does for the players. They need to realize that and step up to the plate.

For people that say they will cheer Chris Bosh. Go ahead if you like but how he has disrespected this city and acted like an idiot all summer. He didn't show any thought for his legacy for his legacy in how he left so why should you.

As for here in the DNB. We have are (UN) Welcome Back Bosh Bash at St. Louis Wings. Prizes and fun all night long as I will be liveblogging the game For The Score from the party. Also here on the Dino Nation Blog we are going to set up a Raptors Speakers Corner here on the site from the Party. So tune in all night and see what fans are saying from our party. Will have the Ustream feed up for the entire game if all goes well.

But if you are at the ACC, at our Party, At home or anywhere else enjoy this game because after this one is the hangover of what is a very disappointing season. Win, Lose or anything else that happens tonight that reality will not change.

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