Starting 5 With Ryan Wolstat

We have always from the very beginning of doing the Starting 5 tried to bring you many different opinions and viewpoints from the main stream media. While we have been successful in doing that to a large degree, there has been one omission to that. We have never had anyone from the traditional print media to be a guest here. You know newspapers, well that changes today as we welcome Ryan Wolstat from the Toronto Sun to join us in the Starting 5. As with many of the guests we have had got to know Ryan through twitter (@WolstatSun) and eventually we met in covering the Raptors. So it is great to have him aboard and talk a lot about the uncertain yet certain future of the Raptors. That seems confusing, but if you listen to the interview it will not be. We talk about the futures of Bryan Colangelo, Jay Triano and some of the players that make up this roster. If anything we accomplish showing that bloggers and newspaper writers may not in fact hate each other as many assume. It was an enjoyable conversation and hopefully one you will enjoy as well.

Thanks to Ryan for helping us break some new ground with the DNB's Starting 5 and who knows maybe it will open the flood gates to more people from his world coming into our world here in the Dino Nation Blog. One of the great things of having access to games beyond the obvious things you see in talking with players and covering games is being able to build relationships with people in the media. It is something I have worked hard to do, and am so happy that so many people when asked to come join me here, have been happy and willing to do so. Hope to have Ryan join us again and become one of the many regular folks will call on to talk with here in the Dino Nation Blog. Another Ryan in the blog tomorrow as Ryan Richard our DNB Intern makes his debut in audio form, as we start doing a weekly DNB Podcast with myself and one of the members of my loyal staff. That will become a regular weekly feature on Wednesdays unless we have a guest booked to talk with on that day.

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