Starting 5- Be Like Myck (Interview with Myck Kabango)

That guy on the left is Myck Kabongo and he along with two other Canadians is going to the High School equivalent of NBA All-Star Weekend. The McDonald's All American Game in Chicago Illinois in which his soon to be teammates next season at Texas Tristan Thompson and Cory Joesph played in last year. The game takes place on March the 30th and features the top high school prospects in North America. We talk with Myck about that honour about his future team the Texas Longhorns and have some fun previewing the NBA All-Star Weekend coming up in just over a week. It is always fun to have Myck pay us a visit. He is just a super young man and is easy to root for. I heard his name before, but first got to see him by watching are Junior National Team play in San Antonio. I happened to find out by accident from Jonny Flynn of Minnesota T-Wolves on Twitter that Myck had an account (@1mk2). So after watching him represent our country so well just tweeted some kind words to him about his play. Later that night there was a direct message from him thanking me. That is how I got to know him and since that time he has been a guest here a number of times. We always have a good time and he really enjoys talking with us and the feeling is mutual. So it is a great thrill to get to talk with him on a pretty exciting day for him. Here is the interview as we talk about a whole host of topics. Including me busting his chops about saying in the NBA Preview he helped us out with saying the Cavs were going to be good. He didn't get that right but on the floor he doesn't make many big mistakes like that. He is truly a fantastic young man and a joy to talk with.

You heard him say it, we hope to make it happen and bring you all 3 of our Canadian Kids at Texas in the blog sometime in the summer. I have been happy to show some love to Myck, Tristan and Cory these kids work hard and represent Canada well. I have made it no secret that the Raptors need to take note of these kids. All from the Toronto area and Myck has always made it known that "His Dream" is to be a Raptor. Earlier in the year covering the Raptors vs OKC and heard straight from Kevin Durant how good Myck is, as well as Cory and Tristan. Canada is creating some serious ballers. As bad as things have been for the Raptors, the franchise has worked hard to help develop basketball at the grass roots level and finally a generation later you are seeing some guys with elite talent in the sport. Hopefully they can benefit from it and have some Canadians play for Canada's team in the NBA. We wish Myck nothing but the best on his basketball journey and honoured he takes the time to talk with me.

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