Raptors Crash The Blake Griffin Party

Think more people are hyped up about Blake Griffin than I am. Yes he is good I get all that I just do not see him as the second coming or anything. He will be a great player in this league and he can fly no doubt but he is still on the Clippers and they still suck.

Raptors might have been sick of hearing about Blake Griffin to a 10-4 start and the returning Amir Johnson with a big swat on Blake Griffin. But early foul trouble would send Amir to the bench and Raptors lead would shrink to just 2 points with 6:11 to play in first and the score 14-12. DeRozan not Griffin the games high scorer with 6 points early on. Clippers would come out of time out take the lead then Demar gets a questionable charge call on what was a nice drop off and easy dunk for Ed Davis. But instead a turnover. Clippers got out on the break and the fans that just came for the Blake Griffin Show got what they wanted with a massive alley opp slam and Clippers lead 18-14 Clippers. But after all the ooohhhh and awwws died down the Raptors went back to work and took control of the game again leading 24-18 with under 2 to play in Quarter. Demar DeRozan had 10 points and 0 highlights. Bledsoe not Griffin with the fancy moves on drive would tie this game up at 24 after 1.

It was a sloppy start to the 2nd Quarter and the highlight or low lite to this point was a steal and a break by Baron Davis that looked in slow motion but Baron is just that slow. Clippers got the hoop eventually and led 28-26. Amir was a warrior just fro being out there but foul trouble perhaps from being a step slow was an issue as he picked up his 3rd. All the Blake Griffin groupies that came to the game were sad to see he also picked up his 3rd foul. Ed Davis woke this game up a bit with a nice slam and he had 7 points and 6 rebounds Raptors took the lead back 40-38. By time half rolled around it was 48 a piece tied at half just as they were after 1.

Honestly the third quarter was as fun as watching paint dry. That being said the Raptors had built a 64-59 lead. But that all ended with one thunderous Demar DeRozan Jam and a star down at Clipper bench as to say I am going beat your boy next Saturday. It was kind of an uneventfully 3rd quarter other than that dunk but the highlights were Ed Davis was playing well and Raps were leading 78-71. It was a good quarter for the Raptors though it just wasn't terribly compelling. But the Raptors did but 30 on the board in the 3rd and had the crowd being Raptor fans instead of Blake Griffin sightseers which was good.

So the Raptors looked to close out the Clippers and get a win. In the past 2 games the Raptors faded badly in the 4th quarter. Raptors were surviving with a 85-79 lead with 7 minutes to play. Bayless couldn't miss a three vs Portland but he was struggling tonight. Jack Armstrong might have put it best the Raptors were winning this one ugly. But winning was the key and they still were 87-83 but they gave up a rebound on free throw miss and Griffin would make them pay making it a 2 point game. But a Bargnani minor miracle would fall off glass plus a foul and that was huge. Griffin would get called for a foul battling with Ed Davis. Barbosa would score on this ensuing possession and the Raptors had restored their 7 point advantage. Bargnani would answer a Clipper score and time was running out on the Clippers. In the end the Raptors would hang on for the 98-93 win.

Was a good team win tonight with 6 Raptors in double figures. There were not a lot of style points but given how things have gone in 2011 for the Raptors does anyone care? Ed Davis had perhaps his best game as a Raptor with 13 points and 14 rebounds. A career high in boards for the 2nd night in a row.

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