DeRozan Gets Short End Of Stick Again.

I use to defend NBA All-Star Weekend and the gold standard in pro sports. But I think that is over for me. Last night's All-Star Saturday Night was the last straw for me. The Dunk Contest has turned into more side show. We had little kids with bad hair cuts (Ask Barkley), Cars from NBA sponsors and judging that was brutal. Blake Griffin the heavy favourite to with the contest was given a free pass to the Slam Dunk Final. The overall first round was perhaps the best in years for the dunk contest. Griffin in my view was 4th out of 4. But he winds up 2nd (By 1 point over DeRozan) and proceeds to jump over an NBA Sponsor KIA car over the edge of the hood and the shame was complete. I almost forgot the choir singing "I believe I can fly" and Kenny Smith flapping his mouth like a hype man for some 80's Rap Group. It all left a sour taste in my mouth. It probably doesn't help that this whole weekend has been over shadowed "The MeloDrama" and I am sick of it. Carmelo Anthony at this point should be traded to the Cavs for their entire team. Why not!!! Knicks or Nets, I am to the point I honestly don't care. There is also the impending doom of the NBA Lockout. If there is a lockout do me a favour and never air another NBA Cares Ad again. You only care when it is convenient.

Seems like until Toronto gets an All-Star Game that is the last will see of Demar DeRozan in the Dunk Contest. Here is a couple Tweets from Demar after last nights contest.

  • @Demar_DeRozan - Much love to everybody who supported me in the dunk contest. It is what it is....I'm going HAM the second half of the season Believe that!
  • @Demar_DeRozan-No more dunk contests for me unless it's in Toronto!
That is a shame because will miss out on stuff like this:

And This:

I Think I may join Demar and not watch the Dunk Contest again until Toronto gets an All-Star Game. The Contest could have been put back on the map but the judging screwed it up. We saw some things we have never seen before and it had the potential to be great. But the winner was a joke and it took away from how great this was. Never saw M.J bit and given the side show it was Demar likely should have busted out the M.J bit "if " he had it in his bag of tricks.

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  1. All purity of the NBA is gone now. Too much money, marketing, advertising, and now we have hype men for the players. It's disgusting.

    Sundays game was boring. I could not stay up that late to watch it all, over 4 hours is too much for this old man.

    Will they ever call a travel on Lebron? I know the dunk looks great and you can marvel at his abilities but come on, it's against the rules.

    Demar was great. Classy too.