Raptors Rewind- King Me Edition

Not much time to set this one up. I just came from live blogging the Spurs and Lakers. This is not a high profile match-up like that for sure. The Kings are 0-17 vs the East this year and they only have 3 wins on the road the entire season. It goes with out saying that this is a must win for the Raptors on their home floor. I guess it doesn't because I just said it. If they lose this game there truly would be no excuses that would be acceptable for a loss. The Raptors had to get this one if they have any thoughts of the playoffs at all. So no pressure guys just win.

1st Quarter

Both teams fail to score on their first possessions. Jason Thompson the rookie gets a score to open the scoring. They get a 3 pointer and start on a 5-0 run. Jose Calderon would end that with a basket and 1. He now has made 84 straight from the line. Martin who did not play in first game is in this one and makes a 3 pointer. Raptors get baskets from Moon and Bosh to pull it back to 8-7 Kings. Martin would extend that with another 3 pointer. But Anthony Parker from his house on Parkerville court answers with a 3 pointer for the Raptors. Andrea Bargnani drives and scores to give the Raptors their first lead 12-11. But the Kings answer back and take the lead. CB4 answers that and Salmons responds to that and Kings still lead 15-14.

Jamario Moon settles for a jumper that he missed. Turnover to the Kings off the miss and Salmons drives to the hoop and scores.Andrea Bargnani makes a mid range jumper. The Kings turn it over and we have the first time out of the early evening start. After the Kings split a pair from the line, Chris Bosh would make a jumper to tie the score at 18. Jermaine O'Neal had checked in for Bargnani and he wasted no time and got a score. He lit up the Kings for 30 plus on Boxing Day. Chris Bosh was heading to the line looking to build the Raptors advantage. He makes both and the Raptors lead it 22-18. Bosh had his jumper working as he made another off the O'Neal pass. Raptors leading by half dozen late in the first. Brad Miller would end the Raptors run, He made a shot from long range. O'Neal would respond scoring on the curl to the hoop after he got the pass from Bosh. Miller was hot from outside making another 3 pointer. Bosh though he had a hoop and 1 but instead he called called for going out of bounds and a turnover. Sac-town was back in front 27-26. Spenser Hawes split a pair and an Andrea half court bomb would barely find the glass lead alone the hoop. Raptors trailed 28-26 after the first and this was far from the ideal start for the guys in the white and red.

2nd Quarter.

Raptors shooting well at 57% but defense was less than ideal as Kings shot 52%. That along with 5 Raptor turnovers and Kings had a lead. Joey Graham missed a dunk but O'Neal would hammer down the follow. Bobby Brown with the jumper and it was cruel for the Raptors. The Kings would follow up with a 3 ball. Roko Ukic would drive and score but the Kings still lead 33-30. Garcia makes a long two pointer and the Kings lead by 5. Jermaine O'Neal found his way to the line and made a pair. Mikki Moore the former Net now King made the a basket. Chris Bosh would score and get fouled in reply. He would have a time out to think over the and one chance.

Bosh would make it. But the Raptors would still trail 37-35. Anthony Parker would even the score at 37 with a made jumper. But the Kings answered with 2 of their own. Kevin Martin would score another and the Kings lead 41-37. Calderon would check in and have an instant impact making a 3 pointer. Thomson the rookie out of Rider would score on the break and the Kings lead was 3. Bosh had his shot blocked by Thompson.
He would clutch his head and not get back on defense. But the Raptors would survive the power play and Bosh was ok. In fact he would score to cut the lead to just 1. Calderon would make a jumper and another and the Raptors were suddenly up 3 points with the score 46-43. A blocking call on Parker that he and coach Triano would not like. But the Kings would take the charity and make both. Andrea Bargnani would find his way to the line. He would make both and Raptors were back up by 3. Jamario Moon would double that lead with a 3 that he should take for a change. But he would get burned on the other end for an easy basket for the Kings. Raptors were up 51-47 with under 2 minute to play in the half. Moon again would get torched by John Salmons and the Raptor lead was 2. Jason Thompson would score to tie it up at 51. Chris Bosh would make a fading jumper and he was doing more then his part with 17. Andrea Bargnani would make a huge 3 pointer. Thompson would get a chance to answer. Raptors were leading 56-53 at the half. But they looked far from impressive defensively.

3rd Quarter

Bosh and Claderon have a combined 27 yet the Raptors only lead by 3. Reason for that turnovers and poor defense. Salmon and Martin have made 7 long range bombs that have been costly. Chris Bosh gets the first touch of second half and he drives and draws a foul on the rookie Thompson. He makes the shots. Bosh would miss a very long jumper for 2. Brad Miller would make his jumper on the other end. Andrea Bargnani would answer for the Raptors. Parker curls to the hoop and misses a lay up but Bosh has his back with the Offensive board and put back. Raptors extend lead to 7 but Miller would score again and cut the lead to 5 once more. Salmons left wide open by Moon and he drains a 3 pointer. Raptors lead was just 62-60. Triano had enough of Moon and Joey Graham checked in for him. I am glad to see that as Graham for whatever I think of him has been doing more than Moon of late.

Kings had several chances to tie it and never did. A couple of turnovers and easy scores for Bosh and Parker and the Raptors were up by 6 points with the score 66-60. Miller would get to the line and look to cut the lead and he would making both. Joey Graham like a bulldozer would take it to the lane and draw the foul. He made both from the line. Raptors lead it 68-62 with 6 and change to go. Andrea Bargnani would load up and hit a triple to give the Raptors a 71-62 lead. Raptors would win a jump ball on a double foul call. They would get Andrea Bargnani heading to the line as he was fouled driving to the hoop. He would split a pair from the line. Graham and Bosh set the Kings up to draw an offensive foul. But a loose ball foul on Bargnani off his own miss would turn it over. Garcia would get a needed basket for the Kings. Another turnover and Kings score from Martin. Jason Kapono would drive for a lay up to push the lead back to 8. Andrea Bargnani would get hooked up by Jose and he would score and get the and one foul. Raptors lead by 11 with the score 77-66. Calderon would take his own shot the next time up the floor. Raptors leading now by 13 with the score 79-66.

Bargnani was having a good day as he drove to the hoop and got to the line again. He would make to more and the Raptors lead 81-66. Kapono would hit a jumper and the Raptors were on a serious run. Garcia would respond with a 3 pointer. Bargnani would get fouled hard by Garcia on the other end and a bot of a scrum would take place. Bargnani was not taking it. Raptors were showing some more of that toughness we saw in Chicago. Bargnani would make a tech and the two free throws. The score was 85-69. Raptors were turning it on with another basket. Hawes got a 3 pointer. But the Raptors still lead by 15 with the score 87-72. A foul on Kapono right before the buzzer to end the 3rd quarter. Kings would make them but the Raptors had a heck of a third quarter. Bosh and Bargnani had 23 and 22. It was so good Matt Devlin would bust out the Killer Bees line. Vince McManon legal action pending with the 80's wrestling team the Killer Bees wanting their due.

4th Quarter

So a 13 point lead to defend. John Salmons would make it 11 but Parker pushed it right back to 13. Chris Bosh hit a jumper and made it a 15 point lead with Raptors up 91-76. Pizza looked to be a lock for the fans at the ACC. J.O scoring a basket would make the win start to look as much of a lock as the pizza at this point. Jermaine O'Neal in just 20 minutes had a double double and was heading to the line looking for more. He would miss on the second. Raptors were up 18 though with score 94-76.

Beyond Jamario Moon I can not think of a Raptor that was having a bad night. Let's start ever game at 6pm if this is the results. Bosh has 27 now as he scores and heads to the line looking to make it 28 but he missed it. Raptors still lead it 96-78. Raptors with all hands on deck for two straight games have looked very solid and more like the team that had been advertised prior to the season. Kings were making a bit of a push back. But they were still down 14 with score 96-82. Bosh would head to the line looking to extend the lead once more. Which he would do making a pair. Udrih would make a 3 pointer but Bosh would respond with a basket and that would give the fans the pizza and the Raptors a 100-85 lead. Jose Calderon would continue hi free throw streak and the Raptors were on the way to the first ever season sweep of the Kings. Raptors much like in the Bulls game picked up the defense in the second half. Raptors were loving life up 108-91. Nathan Jawai would make his home debut. He along with a crew of reserves hit the floor. Big Nate would lay the hammer on one of the Kings. Roko Ukic had a rare 3 pointer prior to that. Jawai's first attempt as a pro would not fall as he took a fading jumper that missed. But it was all smiles regardless as the Raptors lead by CB4 with 31 points. The Raptors get a 113-97 win. Another reader friendly boxscore for you to enjoy.

Raps/Kings Boxscore

So two wins and a couple days before the Raptors head to the IZod center to take on Vince Carter and a Nets team that has been struggling. Raptors have won 2 in a row and look to do something they have not done since the start of the year and that is win 3 games in a row. They must do it if they want to stay alive in the playoff race.


  1. RaptorsSoonMovingToSpainJanuary 25, 2009 at 9:11 PM

    Calderon = All-Star material.

  2. Rondo, Harris and Nelson all would disagree. But Jose has played at an insane level against some less then average teams. I hope he keeps it up. But Calderon has a lot of people to deal with to become an all star.

  3. Whether an ALL STAR or not a healthy Calderon is as good, or better as a pass 1st floor leader, than Harris and Nelson (who are scorers not playmaker's) and Rondo (who has the advantage of 3 hall of famers to pass to) with Boston, a far better team than TO.