Coaching News- Ivaroni and English Are In

It always makes me laugh how many times I just finish something and the Raptors create a little news with in minutes. The most famous example was my interview with Darren Rovell of CNBC. It was a really great interview and one of my best in my view. Never heard it? Here is why, it was on the same day the Raptors traded J.O. If that peaked your interest use the search engine on the right and look it up. But on to the news.

In perhaps one of the worst kept secrets in Raptors history. Mark Ivaroni will be an assistant for the Toronto Raptors. No details on if the Raptors had to give the Grizzlies any cash. They were trying to shake down MLSE for a few hundred grand. But according to Doug Smith in the Toronto Star it is a done deal for Ivaroni. Also Alex English will be back as well. Alex is a great man and I have to be honest when the talk was he was going to be out it made me feel bad. But no need to be as he will return. Mike Evans appears to be the guy with out a seat.

There is also the Alvin Williams addition that has still to have been hammered out. But given all of the media talk and buzz about that it would seem highly unlikely that does not get done as well. So we will see who else completes the staff in the coming days. Eric Smith of the Fan 590 had said Triano was hoping to have everything set to go in terms of his staff by next week. It seems that they are well on the way to meeting that goal.

Raptors cancelled draft workouts yesterday but they are in full effect today with Syracuse star Jonny Flynn headlining the list of Future NBAers in town. Chuck Swirsky in our interview raved about the type of person Flynn is. Not just him but Holly Mackenzie of Slam and The Score Court Surfing is a huge fan of Flynn and his game. Hard not to be after he had a gutsy run to and through the NCAA tournament. Jack Armstrong also had good things to say about both Flynn and Ty Lawson in his interview with us earlier in the week.Also Jrue Holiday (UCLA), Chase Budinger ( Arizona), Damion James (Texas), Alade Aminu (Georgia Tech), Goran Suton (Michigan State) were all scheduled to workout as well.

So before you know it the draft will be here. That is all for now. Have a great weekend folks.

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  1. I would hope they hire Charles Oakley as an assistant? He could sure help with the young guys.