First Shoe Has Dropped? Kapono For Evans?

Doug Smith in the Toronto Star is reporting that the Raptors have made a trade. If this turns out to be true Bryan Colangelo truly is amazing.

To Philly:

Jason Kapono

To Toronto:

Reggie Evans

This trade makes a lot of sense for both teams if it is in fact the real deal. Raptors need toughness and a rebounder and Evans is that on both accounts. Philly in bringing in Eddie Jordan as the coach and his offensive system need a 3 pointer shooter to make that offensive run effectively. So it does make a ton of sense for both teams.

The Fan 590 is also now reporting this story and it looks like this is a done deal.

It is confirmed on Raptors.com

Raptors have called a press conference for 4pm today.


  1. Short and simple but I agree and not just for the Raptors. Kapono could do very well in the Eddie Jordan System.