Raptors Could Learn Something From The Sixers

This has nothing to do about the recent trade between the Raptors and Sixers. However last year I remember Ed Stefanski held a conference call for bloggers that cover the Sixers. I thought this was a cutting edge type move on the part of the Sixers. To allow people who blog about their team to give them a chance to ask questions of their G.M. Today I was on Twitter and noticed that Sixers were having a live interactive chat with Ed Stefanski for Sixer fans. It was done on Cover it Live which is a company based out of Toronto. I have used it for the Dino Nation Blog and it has been used on The Score and by many other media outlets.

The Raptors have one of the larger online fan bases you will find. There are a ton of great blogs on the Raptors hopefully including this one. Not to mention the fan posting boards like on Real G.M and Raptors forum. Why don't the Raptors try these type of things to embrace that Internet. They did create Raptorspace but I have not been that impressed with it. Raps are also on facebook and Twitter. But to me the Sixers have taken it to the next level in terms of being interactive with their fans. I pulled some stuff from the live chat that might must interest Raps fan.

Fan Question-
Hey Ed thanks for taking the time to listen. How to you think Jason Kapono will affect out offense?

ES-Jason's ability to shoot from distance will make our spacing that much better and allow Elton, Thad and Andre Iguodala to operate with more freedom.

Fan Question-
Did Reggie not fit into your picture of this upcoming season...and why....(he will be a huge loss...he brought a spark to the team

ES-Drew, no doubt we will miss his energy. In every trade the other team is looking for an asset and in this case, Toronto got one. But we fulfilled a big need as well and we were able to address what would have been a logjam at the 4 spot.

Fan Question-
Do you think you will be able to trade Sammy d?

E.S-Sammy is an asset for what he can bring to the table on defense, with his rebounding and shot blocking abilities. As a big he runs the floor as well as anyone and we have been successful when he does those things. However, we're always talking to teams around the league and if anything ever came up that I felt would make this team better, it would be considered.

Fan Question-
So is Elton 100% at this moment?

Ed Stefanski: Nigel, yes Elton is 100% and he is currently in California working out.

So will the Raptors ever get to this point and embrace the online community? It is something they should think about and consider. I know that personally I work hard at this and would be grateful to have the odd chance to have some access and interactivity with Raptors as an organization. I have done my best to do that on my own but to have some help from them would always be welcomed. I am sure folks on other Raptor based blogs would agree. Will it ever happen? I do not know but I give the Sixers great credit for embracing their fans and online community in this way. Also credit to Ed Stefanski as well.


  1. I think the reason why the Raptors don't embrace the same idea as the Sixers is because we have a much larger and I bet more rabid fan base than the 76ers do. Just my opinion though.

    Knowing the state of our franchise over the last 5 or 6 years, I don't think fans would be all that kind to BC if he did something similar.

    As always, fantastic job James.

  2. But Doc in having used cover it live you can approve all comments so the not being kind aspect does not hold water. As for the blogger aspect if you got access and were a jerk you get banned from further events that is simple. I think the Raptors fan base on the net can stand up to any in the league with the exception of very few teams.

  3. I have mentioned teams connecting with their fans in a post earlier this year. The Phoenix Suns are another perfect example of this. They may have struggled on the court but no matter they managed to keep their team relevant. Looking at the economy the way it is, teams need to find all the creative ways to keep their fans involved because when push comes to shove that mortgage payment comes before buying tickets to a basketball game. Great piece btw James

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  5. Yup Bloggers need a union or something..ACCESS NOW!!! I am joking but I admire what Sixers have done it is ahead of the curve.