Battle Continues For DNB

The Dino Blogger has advanced in the Pros vs Joes Contest on Whotheman.com. I am happy to say that is round 1 yours truly had the highest vote total of anyone in the contest. So thanks to the folks of the Dino Nation that took the time to vote. Well Round 2 is here and I am backing CB4 to be the first Raptor to have his number retired in team history

So if you agree with me and want to support the Dino Nation Blog go sign up and vote here on Whotheman.com and help me advance to the pro bracket final. I don't win anything in this contest, so it is about pride, not personal gain. So spare me 2 minutes and go vote. I give you folks hours and hours of my time working hard for you so this is your chance to give me 2 minutes back

Here is my second video in the contest.

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