Super Bowl Sunday Double Header

Today I am working a doing a basketball double header for The Score kicking it off with the Raptors winners of 12 of 13 at the ACC taking on the Kings who are coming in off a loss to the Suns on Friday. The Raptors have enjoyed a rare break in the schedule and could see some of walking wounded return to the line-up. The most likely of those to return is Demar DeRozan. Sonny Weems has filled in well in the starting 5 in his absence in his last game recording his first career double double. Hedo Turkoglu and Jose Calderon could also be back. Hedo was making noise about playing without the protective mask to protect his fractured orbital bone. Calderon has a bad ankle sprain and I would tag him as the least likely to return but all 3 did practice Friday.

Join me on The Score for all the action and fun.

Raptors vs Kings LiveBlog

After that the Celtics and Magic to possible playoff match-ups for the Raptors will hook up in match-up against each other. Celtics have had major troubles of late and the Magic are learning the hard way about what LIFE IS LIKE WITH V.C. Sure Raptor fans could have told them so. So that game tips right after the Raps and Kings at 2:30. 2 great game all in time that you can not miss a second of the Superbowl. If you have a party to get to you can still follow the games on Score Mobile via your Blackberry or IPhone.

Magic vs Celtics LiveBlog

So that is how I am spending my Super Sunday before the big game. Make sure you drop in and say hello. A Basketball Party before the Football cause really do you need to watch 5 hours of Super Bowl Pre-Game Show? It's the Saints and Colts. Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are good, teams will score a lot of points and who knows if Dwight Freeney will play..Dwight Howard will and you can still have time to find out about the other Dwight long before kick-off. If you are going to a Super Bowl Party have fun and don't drink and drive. Go Raps and Go Saints!!!

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