Starting 5- Goes Behind The Scenes With Raptorspace

On Friday we talked with Kat the Captain of your Raptors Dance Pak. We talked about her taking on the role of hosting Raptorspace on Raptors T.V. The man that produces that show and tries to make Kat look good is Akil Augustine, you also have likely seen him on camera doing work with Sherman Hamilton on Raptors T.V as well. He puts together the Raptorspace show that airs on Thursday @6:30 on Raptors T.V. We get into a whole discussion about how the show came to be, where it is at and where it is going. We also discuss the differences between Leafs Nation which the Dino Blogger is not a member and the Raptors Nation or as we like to say here the Dino Nation. It is an interesting interview that gives you some insight into what MLSE and Raptors T.V is trying to accomplish with this project. Hope you will enjoy it.

is where all of the fan content comes from. I got stuff on the show so If I can do it maybe you can too? The one thing that came from this interview that I liked most of all is the idea of growing basketball across this country. I have always thought it was important and something the Raptors and MLSE should do more of. It is nice to know that the people working there have that goal as well. In the end be it MLSE or the average basketball fan it is in everyone's best interest to grow the sport and the Raptors brand. If done successfully it can hopefully lead to more people in the media awaking to the fact that basketball fans in fact "do exist" in this country from coast to coast. It can hopefully impact and have changes to how things are covered and allow for more basketball coverage in this country. Does a show like Raptorspace accomplish that goal on it's own? No but it is something that at least helps take us in that direction. We did invent this sport after all, and I feel it is everyone's job that loves it to help promote it. From me to you and all the way to folks at MLSE and all points in between.

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