2010 ESPN Refuses To Let The Dream Die

I honestly am starting to get the impression that biggest player in 2010 is not the Knicks... it is ESPN. They continue to bang the drum so hard for the Knicks to get James, Wade and Bosh, or some combination of the three. Here is the latest from the ESPN propaganda campaign. Raptors fans have already heard Jalen Rose guarantee that Bosh and James would be Knicks. Something that he says is now is still possible and not the lock he once claimed. We also heard from Stephen A Smith, as he when he was still with ESPN claimed, Bosh told the Raptors he was out the door. A story both Bosh and the Raptors were quick to deny. Now we have a writer that is basically lobbying to James, Bosh and Wade to take a pay cut and have all 3 play together in New York.

I mean seriously this is journalism? I understand I am just a blogger, who is not to the stature of the giant beast that is ESPN, but come on this just is getting silly. ESPN biggest fear whether they choose to admit it or not is to have all 3 of these guys stay put. They have just went out of their way to be a player in this 2010 madness. The network that seems to think their rumours are worth money, in the sense you pay for the right to be an ESPN INSIDER. They also would love the chance to have a viable New York Knicks, to throw on ESPN to get a major bump in ratings.

In the article the writer suggests, that is wouldn't be a big deal for James, Bosh and Wade to leave money on the table. However this isn't about that. This is about the money that ESPN hopes to make, and that is why they care and continue to bang this drum till it breaks. But here is a newsflash for ESPN, why should James, Wade or Bosh care about you? A new CBA is on the horizon and it does not look like it will go well for the players side. Do ESPN think Bosh, Wade and James are this dumb? They all want to win but to do it and leave money on the table that may never be there again? I don't think so. In the article it suggests they should ignore their agents. No, what they should do is ignore ESPN. If they are fooling anyone with this nonsense that is sad. This is about the advancement of ESPN and not the New York Knicks.

The NBA sits back and let's all of this happen. Teams are not allowed to tamper, but if ESPN does it for them that is ok. Yup of course it is. Truthfully the league just like ESPN would like to the see the once proud franchise, that the Knicks once were return. Just as much as the NBA has loved the fact, the Boston and L.A have risen back to the top of the NBA landscape. That whole concept about 30 equal partners that make up the NBA is a bit slanted at times and this is one of those times.

Forgive fans in Cleveland, Toronto and Miami if they are tired of this constant B.S but seriously don't those cities count? I mean didn't they construct a CBA that cities are suppose to have an advantage to keep their star players if they so choose? That is right isn't it? That is why Raptors, Cavs and Heat can offer 30 million more dollars to these guys. For anyone to suggest that any of these guys should pass on that opportunity is nuts.

The flaw in the Knicks master plan of NBA domination is this. If James, Bosh and Wade are not stupid and indeed want their max deals and the extra 30 million dollars that they have earned what do the Knicks do then? The answer is nothing because they have next to no assets to pull off a sign and trade that would be required.

For the average fan it must be frustrating to have to hear this nonsense constantly. I mean when you consider, here in Toronto that Chris is having a career season, James is on the way to winning an MVP trophy for a 2nd time and D-Wade is far from a stiff in Miami. Yet fans have to hear this nonsense day in, and day out, and not get to fully enjoy what these guys are doing now. Which is pretty good, if you choose to just watch them and tune out ESPN and all the others who seem to have forgot there is a season to finish.

So do not be fooled, everyone has a stake in this game and it extends far beyond the Knicks, Raptors, Cavs and Heat. Networks like ESPN and the ones here in Canada and everywhere in between have an interest. As does the league itself. In the last 3 games Raptor fans have got a preview of life without Bosh, and it really isn't a fun picture is it. Raptors staying a viable franchise for broadcast is always an issue. The fact so many games end up on TSN 2 is frustrating for some fans who do not have access or choose not to have it. If Raptors lose Bosh how far down the food chain could they fall?

That is something any Raptor fan really does not want to find out. So ESPN can take a hike with there dream team scenarios and hype. We that love basketball in Canada, and can not afford to have our franchise fall down just so you folks can get ratings. If Chris Bosh goes, it will take a major step backwards in many ways. Lots of people have a lot to win or lose in 2010. Including basketball here in Canada with the Raptors.

If Bosh leaves there is nothing anyone can do about it. It is his choice and right to do so. However forgive me if it pisses me off that ESPN feels the need try to be a player in him making that choice. I am sure if Bosh was asked, he would say it has no impact. But when it is out there everyday or almost, is it realistic to think he totally ignores it? The fact he is on the front page of the ESPN website with James and Wade, he will not notice?

It has become a frustration and a problem when networks are lobbying indirectly for teams in a sports league. Donnie Walsh if he is successful in landing any of the Big 3 of 2010 Free Agency, he should donate a portion of his check to ESPN.

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