Starting 5 With Jack Armstrong

It is always a pleasure to welcome Jack Armstrong to the Starting 5. He is always good for some solid insight into the Toronto Raptors and some fun along the way. We talk about the now famous "Ball" interview and get Jack's thoughts on the whole thing. We move on from there and talk about the upcoming trade deadline in terms of the Raptors. Jack gives his thoughts on Reggie Evans and Amir Johnson and how you play them both together. Along with the point guard situation going forward if Jose Calderon remains a Raptor after Thursday. In addition we talk about the future of Chris Bosh with the Raptors. Also his thoughts on the development of Demar DeRozan and the shooting guard position as a whole. This and a whole lot more in the Starting 5 with our guest Jack Armstrong.

It is always a great joy for me to talk with Jack. I feel he is one of the best people at what he does. He is straight forward and direct and gives you his honest feelings on the issues that surround the Toronto Raptors. It is always a great thrill for me to have Jack as a guest and it always produces some quality info and usually some fun as well. Jack does a great job with the Raptors and on his Radio show "The Game Plan" on the Fan 590 2-4pm on Monday to Friday. You can become a fan of the show on Facebook. Not that Jack is on the Facebook or Twitter but we love him all the same. At least I do and I know many Raptor fans share that love.

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